The King’s Affection Episode 8: Streaming platform, preview, Streaming date, And A lot More

The King’s Affection Episode 8

The King’s Affection is a South Korean Drama that premiered on 11 OCTOBER, 2021. The days on which it aired are Monday and Tuesday exactly at 09:30 P.M. the episodes are available on Netflix as well but for the selected regions. The storyline is taken from the Joseon Dynasty when the birth of twins was considered a curse. When Crown Princess gave birth to twins, the order was floated to kill them. For saving those twins princess was secretly sent out of the palace. They decided to kill the daughter twin and save the twin son. Lee Hwi the son loses his life and fortunately, the daughter is saved. Now the daughter got the name Lee Hwi.

The seventh and eighth episode is expected to release soon and at the end of episode 5, we witnessed that Lee Hwi and Jung Ji Woon were caught in an awkward situation. Jung saved Lee from a fall but they were completely unaware of their closeness until their heartbeats faster. Episodes 7 and 8 will be on the romantic side. Further in this article, you will know the release date of The King’s Affection episode 8.

The foundation of the storyline had laid very well in the last six episodes. The final streaming date of The King’s Affection episode 8 is November 2, 2021. Every episode runs for 70 minutes. Fans are curious about the next episodes as they are going to be the answer to many questions. It is streaming on Netflix and the new episode is added weekly on it for global audiences.
The King’s Affection episode 8 will be released on Tuesday and will be available on Netflix on the same date. Subtitles of The King’s Affection episode 8 are available in various languages which include Spanish and English. If you have missed any previous episodes go and watch it right now.

Preview of The King’s Affection episode 8

In the upcoming episodes, we will witness how Lee Hwi will take the charge of handling Ming Guest. The episodes will entirely focus on the guests and their interaction with Lee Hwi. The guests are still a suspense for everyone.

We will try to update you with more storylines of The King’s Affection episode 8. Till then you can enjoy previous episodes of The King’s Affection.

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