The judges who judge Cristina Kirchner for Vialidad, among those affected by the violated affidavits

The irruption of strangers in the offices of the Judicial Council where are the affidavits of federal judges throughout the country was more serious than initially thought: some 24 secret affidavits were violatedthe sealed envelopes that contained them were opened and it is assumed that their content was photographed by intruders who broke into an office and left a door open and a lock locked. THE NATION sources linked to the investigation of this strange episode. Among the violated sworn statements are those of federal judges and counselors, although not Court judges. Three names stand out among the preliminary list of infiltrated data. Rodrigo Giménez Uriburu, Andrés Basso and Jorge Gorini They make up the Federal Oral Court 2 that judges Cristina Kirchner in the oral trial for National Roads, which next week will enter the stage of final arguments. The vice president is designated as the head of an illicit association destined to benefit from works in Santa Cruz Lazarus Baez.The list also includes the federal judge ariel and to the chamberlains of the Criminal Cassation Gustavo Hornos and Guillermo Giacobucci.In the secret part of the affidavits are the data of the spouses of the judges, of the counselors and the counselors; your bank accounts, your credit card expenses and minor children’s information; addresses, details of investments and shareholdings. The president of the Council of the Judiciary Horacio Rosatti signed a resolution late in which he orders that the body of auditors of the Judicial Power carry out an internal summary to determine responsibilities. The judge Daniel Rafecas will inform each of the affected judges tomorrow so that they do not find out from the media. There are 24, between magistrates and secretaries. The case will be delegated to the district attorney’s office. Ramiro Gonzalez to continue the investigation. At the same time, the Council is the only one that has the power to investigate judges in the event that the content of these declarations of violated assets arouse any suspicion. Rosatti’s resolution, which bears the number 36/2022, indicates that the irruption was discovered when the person in charge of the sworn statements office, María Victoria Pérez Bayonzo, showed up to work at Sarmiento 877, 8th floor, on Tuesday, June 21 at 8:28 a.m., after the long weekend of Flag Day. “Agent María Victoria Villareal observed that the entrance door to the kitchen, which borders the central hall of the floor, was open, unlocked and pushed up”, despite the fact that it had been closed the previous Thursday. And she observed that in the access door from the kitchen to the secretary’s office, the middle lock was “stuck” while the upper lock had only one turn of the key, when it had been closed with two. And the desk was not as she had left it, with things out of place.Daniel Rafecas.Rodrigo Néspolo / archive – LA NACION That is what the resolution recounts on which it was decided to give intervention to the body of auditors of the Court to make an internal summary. It points to employees who may be resentful by administrative measures in the new management, some with backgrounds in the world of intelligence. Information from the sealed envelopes was “manipulated”, said a source, to which he adds that the security cameras did not work and that an employee in charge of the area received messages that she considered intimidating after the event.THE NATION He collected this information after talking with five counselors, with protagonists of the event and with judicial sources. The criminal investigation is in the hands of the federal judge Daniel Rafecas and the prosecutor Ramiro Gonzalez, who ordered the audit to determine if there is any missing statement. “There are no recorded videos” of the event because the cameras were broken from June 16 to 22, when everything happened. There were no broken locks, but there were some marks as if they had been tampered with. In the Council of the Judiciary, the greatest secrecy prevails and, consequently, the versions multiply, pending the plenary session on July 15. According to what was reconstructed THE NATION Based on the statements of advisors and witnesses, the event occurred on the long weekend of Flag Day on the eighth floor of the Sarmiento 877 building, where the administration of the entire national and federal Judicial Power operates and where it has its headquarters. office the administrator of the body. The directors do not attend this building, they meet at the headquarters on Libertad Street, where the plenary sessions and committee meetings take place. One of the people who entered the office days later received about five messages that he interpreted as intimidating , said one of the witnesses of the case, who did not give more details. Among the directors the hypothesis circulates that the irruption in the office could not be linked to a political issue but to an internal bid of employees of the Council, affected by the changes that motivated the arrival of the 20 councillors.

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