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The Ikea nightstand that customers define as "perfect" and that is 10 euros cheaper

Ikea is one of the furniture chains with the most customers in the country. Its success has largely been rooted both in its way of selling and in its classic models that do not go out of style and other more innovative ones. In addition, low prices are also part of its hallmark. A sign that combines with the “do it yourself”. In fact, all the furniture of this Swedish brand plays with the ease of assembly so that customers try to do it themselves at home.

But to find out which Ikea furniture is the most successful, just take a look at the opinions on its website. Are you looking for example a bedside table? Well we have the solution. One that has, according to consumers, the “perfect height” and that matches almost any room (the white one is the best seller), is now reduced and costs 10 euros less. (Here you can see what it is). “It is a wide and strong table,” another user of the Ikea website recounted in the open forum to give opinions on this project and where there was much applause and very little criticism. Loyalty through the ‘Family’ program and its discount brochures are also some of the most outstanding features of this Swedish furniture chain. Remember that periodically in our decoration section we not only offer you samples of the furniture or paintings that are on trend, but we complement all this information with cleaning tricks that can also be very useful and are highly valued by experts. in this type of housework. Remember that periodically in our Decoration section you will find all kinds of tricks that we hope will help you improve the cleanliness of your house. Home experts say that it is not so much what you clean as what you do not dirty. That is: you can save time and even money by being tidy. In addition, cleaning products today are within the reach of almost anyone. In fact, in our Life and Style section, we often tell you about products that are at a good price and that you can get at your trusted supermarket. These are elements that will make your life easier.

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The most purchased Ikea product thanks to its price reduction

When it comes to cleaning, it’s also not a good idea to get overwhelmed with the need to do it all in one day. In fact, many pick up bad habits in housework due to the “mania” of leaving everything for a single day. Experts in this type of work assure that it is better to distribute them among several days of the week to make the tasks more bearable. It’s okay to lose an hour a day if at the end of the month that makes the job more affordable. Also remember that cleaning is not just an aesthetic or order issue. It is also very important that everything is clean and placed for better health. Dirt and a buildup of bugs or other household invaders can lead to infections or worsen your health. Leading a healthy and balanced life is also important when it comes to cleaning. You have to take everything into account.

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