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The Ikea cabin suitcase that sweeps sales: light, spacious and easy to fold

Loyalty through the Family program and its discount brochures are also some of the most outstanding features of this Swedish furniture chain. In fact, it has launched an offer for members of the family club in which they can get 40 euros in discounts for purchases over 250 euros on a selection of outdoor furniture. Wooden benches, tables, loungers. Different to prepare our terrace or garden for the hot summer months. However, the company also triumphs with its most varied products. If you are thinking of traveling, the Swedish multinational has an ideal travel bag to carry in the cabin of the plane, train or bus. This is the Varldens backpack. “A travel or sports bag made of recycled polyester that is light, spacious and easy to fold. Ideal for storing clothes, a toiletry bag, a yoga mat or everything you need to take with you”, which can be obtained for 40 euros. Remember that periodically in our decoration section we not only offer you samples of the furniture or paintings that are on trend, but we complement all this information with cleaning tricks that can also be very useful and are highly valued by experts. in this type of housework.

The trick to get up to 40 euros of discounts on Ikea furniture

The cheapest wardrobe from Ikea

East cupboard Ikea, in white and belonging to the Baggebo line, is the perfect piece to give space to all those things that until now you didn’t know where to put. With dimensions of 50 centimeters wide, 80 high and 30 deep, the wardrobe becomes an ideal place to store books, t-shirts, magazines, shoe boxes or anything else you need. And nothing to be seen, since the door prevents the things that you will put inside from being visible. Inside, it has two shelves where you can rest and store whatever you want. In addition, you can combine this small cabinet from Ikea with other products in the same series Baggebo (or with others if you prefer), which has bookcases, display cabinets and even a television cabinet. But, yes, when you assemble and install it, you must fix it to the wall with an anchor that is included in the packaging as a precaution against possible accidents. The multinationals continue to find in the council of Siero a place to settle, grow and, in turn, contribute to the public coffers. A clear example is the furniture firm Ikea, which has completed the renovation of its basement for the delivery of online orders, a form of sales that has skyrocketed in the last year. So much so that the firm has increased the number of workers by 10% and does not rule out expanding the workforce in Asturias if its relocated centers require it. The firm is delighted in the council and is already planning a new investment, this one of great significance, to provide renewable energy to its facilities, through solar panels: “Our commitment is firm in Siero, it is one of our flagship stores”, emphasizes the director of the establishment, Eduardo Díaz.

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