The Great British Baking Show season 4 full recap

The Great British

The Great British Baking Show is all about baking battles where passionate baking lovers compete to win the UK’s best baker. This is the best show and earned lots of fame among viewers and achieved the highest ratings. Every week, the bakers need to tackle with varying skills, to overcome the difficulties that increase as the competition goes one step ahead. The show includes renowned judges – Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, and they have designed 30 new challenges that would test baker’s skills and creativity to search for the best baker. Let’s know about each challenge of the show in detail.

Signature challenge

Here comes the first challenge of the show that participants have to deal with – what’s it? It depicts crunch time and the judges challenged the bakers with three biscuit challenges. Bakers start with this challenge that needs perfect piping and baking. The participants need to make biscuit structure by their creativity and that would only reveal more positivity about every baker. In this challenge, every baker needs to design a three-tiered meringue and the best one will enter into the next challenge.

The Great British Season 4

Technical challenge

Here comes the other challenge that every baker needs to face to prove themselves. In this challenge, judges leave the bakers with instructions and some ingredients to test their baking skills. To achieve a perfect bake, participants need to avoid burnt bottom and soggy top. Judges have left a turning point in this challenge – every baker needs to bake without an oven, not so simple! If any participant stands this challenge that baker would enter into another challenge that would be tougher from these two challenges.

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Showstopper challenge

Now, the time has come for the show’s last challenge and the tough ones for every participant. Every participant has pressure to win this challenge to enter the finals. In this challenge, every baker had to bake 12 sausage rolls, 12 savory scones, one chocolate celebration cake, 12 mini quiches, and 12 custard and fruit tarts, all 49 items in just five hours. So tough to bake all this. Then came the final feedback time in which judges gave their valuable feedback to every participant.

Who won season 4?

And, now the final and most precious part of the show has arrived – the result declaration. And the season 4 winner is Candice earning applause and cheers from the crowd and fellow finalists. This show is the best show to showcase your baking talent to the world and to compete with new challenges.


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