The Government responded to Macri for his letter on the energy crisis: “Is he forgetful or is he doing it?”

The Secretary of Energy of the Nation, Dario Martinezpublished a text on social networks in which responded to the fierce criticism that Mauricio Macri did this Sunday to the management of the energy crisis by the administration of Alberto Fernández and wondered if the former president “Is it forgetful or is it done?”. This morning, the referent of Together for Change (JxC) spread a message in which he assured that “at this rate in winter there will be a lack of gas” and attributed the delicate situation the country is going through to “The ideological policies of the Kirchner government of Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner”.In response to the former president, Martínez said that his statements from the “They simultaneously try to make us forget the very serious problems that it generated in their government” and called it “incapable of building the much-needed gas pipeline that it claims today”. The Secretary of Energy also stated that Macri “left Vaca Muerta paralyzed with a scheme that condemned gas production to a sustained reduction” and added that “this meant an annual decline of 8% and a structural growth in imports.” last thursday Argentina signed an agreement with Bolivia to import gas at an emergency price. Specifically, the government of Luis Arce promised to deliver 14 million cubic meters per day during the winter, the same volume as last winter. But this amount could rise to 18 million, if Brazil did not need so much gas. According to official sources close to the negotiation, Bolivia will deliver in the winter (at peak demand) 14 million cubic meters per day (m3/d), the same volume as in 2021. However, there will be two staggered prices. For the first 10 million m3/d, between US$8 and US$9 will be paid per million BTU (English measure used in the sector), while for the remaining 4 million, the price is doubled and could reach US$18.“Is Macri forgetful or is he doing it? Either he suffers from a deep amnesia, or he has a conscious perversity in his ideas and statements that, as unusual as they may seem, simultaneously try to make us forget the very serious problems that he generated in his government, claiming for them and for his solutions to the Government of our President Alberto Fernández and our Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Because the Macri who was President was UNABLE to build the much-needed Gas Pipeline that he demands today. On the contrary, he designed such a weak tender that it failed twice, delaying this work that is so important for our energy development. It was our Government that has already launched the largest expansion of the natural gas transportation network in recent years, with the award of the first stage of the Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline and complementary works, which Macri did not know, or did not want to do. and today claims. Macri did not know how to generate the predictability that energy policy needs. He left Vaca Muerta PARALYZED, with a scheme that condemned gas production to a sustained reduction. This meant an annual decline of 8% and a structural growth of imports. It was our Government that had, in the midst of the pandemic, to restart hydrocarbon activity, with clear and predictable regulations. And as a result of these decisions today, not only has the situation of paralysis left by Macri been reversed, but it is managing to raise, with sustained records, the production of Gas and Oil that already saturate, as never before, the gas and oil pipelines. existing. All these things, Macri did not know or did not want to do them. Even his Renewable Energy policy was designed only to make his friends fortunes by reselling generation project awards, many of them paralyzed as unfeasible. Thus, he alone managed to subject our country to paying extremely expensive prices for a form of generation that basically requires the importation of the vast majority of its equipment. So much so, that he did not project or build the necessary transport networks to evacuate this potential new energy. It was our government that had to unlock the possible Renewable projects and put them into production, having already obtained generation records. With his policies, Macri generated an economic pandemic that reduced the demand for all types of energy, with a decrease in popular income, a drop in aggregate demand, the closure of industries and workshops, and an increase in poverty and unemployment. . It was our government that had to adopt measures that are already generating recovery and growth in production, economic activity, and employment, and therefore, a demand for fuels well above what existed during the Macri government. Because the Macri who was President, with his economic and energy policy, only generated problems. He took a country with virtually no external debt, and left it without reserves and with a monumental and unpayable debt, and that same Macri who was President, complains about the lack of foreign currency.”

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