The Government fired three directors of the Banco Nación and paved the way for the landing of Batakis

The Government forced this Tuesday three directors of the Argentine National Bank (BNA)among them Claudia Lozanoto resign their positions, with the aim of facilitating the landing in the entity of Silvina Batakis. The communication to the officials came from the Legal and Technical Undersecretary of the Casa Rosada, which demonstrated Alberto Fernández’s political support for the former Minister of Economy. THE NATION, at least three of the ten BNA directors have already received the notification. “It seems to me an unusual situation that an institution that has had a great performance to compensate Batakis is beheaded,” Lozano assured in contact with this newspaper. In any case, he said that “if it is a presidential decision, there will be no problem.” Lozano, who has been critical of the government’s orientation since the appointment of Serge Massa at the head of the Ministry of Economy, maintained however that he will not leave the front of all after his departure from the BNA. “Under no point of view are we going to leave. We are willing to discuss inside, because there were millions of people who abandoned the vote (for the FDT) and that must be defended, ”he assured. However, Lozano charged against Batakis, who will replace Edward Hecker at the head of the BNA. “It is unusual that this woman comes from her and that she is made to resign from the entire board because she has to place 25 people who were with her in the Ministry of Economy,” he attacked. And she added: “Resignation requests are coming to us; This is happening right now.”Claudio Lozano in an act in which the agreement with the FM was rejected Fabián Marelli While the Undersecretary of Legal and Technical of the Presidency communicated the requests for resignation to the directors of the BNA, the new president of the entity signed an agreement with the Banking Associationthe guild led by the Kirchnerist deputy sergio palazzo, to incorporate the employees of the San Luis Supervielle bank into the permanent plant. “Organizations are made by people,” she said. Batakis plans to disembark at Banco Nación along with several officials who accompanied her during her brief stay in Economy. Among them are Karina Angeletti, Martín Di Bella, Martín Pollera and José Ballesteros, who held different positions in the Treasury portfolio. So far, the three directors who have received the request for resignation are Lozano, Federico Sánchez and Guillermo Wierzba. “I am waiting to speak with the Secretary General of the Presidency (Julius Vitobello) or the chief of staff (John Manzur) to confirm that indeed the president (Alberto Fernandez) endorses this request that they send us from the Undersecretary of Legal and Technical”, assured Lozano in dialogue with THE NATION. And he questioned the beheading of the BNA board. Lozano was direct: “The decision to compensate Batakis seems unusual to me because the institution has had a great performance. The board stopped and denounced loans to Vincentin and the cheaters UVA credits. It also made loans to SMEs grow by 89 percent,” said the leader of People’s Unityone of the parties that make up the government coalition Frente de Todos.

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