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The Futsal Super Cup has a new champion

Barça beat Palma Futsal on penalties (3-2) to win their third Spanish Super Cup, at the Palacio de Deportes de Jerez, after finishing regulation time and extra time tied at two goals.

The azulgrana, who took the lead in the match, They tied 2-2 after extra time as the Balearic Islands brushed past the title, forcing a tiebreaker shootout in which they ended up winning.

Despite there being no goals in the first half, this period featured great intensity in the play of both teams, knowing the importance of the match as the first trophy of the season was in dispute. The first few minutes were hectic and after a shot outside the Brazilian Leandro Rodrigues ‘Esquerdinha’ for Barcelona (m.1), it was Palma who tried successively, enjoying three chances in two minutes at the feet of their compatriots fig, Tomaz and Chaguinha that disrupted the goalkeeper Flat Didac.

After a few minutes in which there were no opportunities, the Majorcan team tried again by means of Caian (m.10) and Nunes (m.11), meeting again with an immeasurable Plana. Final of the EFE Super Cup Barça reacted in the final stretch of the first half with three attempts to Andre Coelho, Pito and Povill, to which the Cordovan goalkeeper responded very well Carlos Barronwho did not want to be less than his opponent flat. After the restart the goals came quickly, the first for Barça in an action of Adolf that culminated Coelho (m.21) and a minute later, the tie in a right hand from the Brazilian Marlon Oliveira.

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the goalkeepers flat and marram grass They alternated in meritorious interventions, up to nine for the Barça goalkeeper and eight for the Balearic team throughout the regulated time.

The final minutes were the most exciting, with a Barça that was prevented in many of its attacking actions by Palma’s excellent defensive profligacy, led in this facet by Bruno Rocha ‘Chaguinha’.

The Brazilian could have scored the winning goal if his shot had not gone to a post (m.38), in a diaphanous occasion for the Majorcans.

In extra time, the goals came in a row. First for the team from Jerez Antonio Vadilloin charge of Mancuso (m.48), and immediately after for the one who trains Jesus Velascosigned by Adolf a minute later to return an equalizer that led to a penalty shootout, in which Barça won 3-2.

Data sheet:

2 – Barcelona: Plana, Dyego, Adolfo, Marcenio and Ferrao. Coelho, Povill, Esquerdinha and Pito also played.

2 – Palm: Barrón, Rojas, Higor, Tomaz and Nunes. Chaguinha, Marlon, Cainan, García Gordillo and Fabio (penalty shootout goalkeeper) also played.

Goals: 1-0, M. 21: Coelho. 1-1, M. 22: Marlon. 1-2, M. 48: Mancuso. 2-2, M. 49: Adolf.

Penalty shootout:

Barcelona (3): Coelho (failure), Ferrao (goal), Adolfo (failure), Dyego (goal), Pito (goal).

Palma (2): Rojas (miss), Mancuso (goal), Nunes (goal), Tomaz (miss) and Cainan (miss).

referees: Lamb and Cheek. They booked Coelho, Dyego, Ferrao, Pito, Marlon, Cainan and García Gordillo.

Incidents: Final of the Futsal Super Cup played at the Palacio de los Deportes de Jerez de la Frontera before some 3,000 spectators. The meeting was chaired by the leader of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales.

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