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La Fonteta vibrated, suffered and cried with Valencia Basket until the last breath. Little can be blamed for a crowd that filled the pavilion in the third game of the quarterfinals against Baskonia, registering the best entry of the season, 7909 viewers. Near 500 more people than the day of the fateful elimination in the semifinals of the EuroCup against Virtus from Bologna at the beginning of the month. The ‘taronja’ color impregnated every corner of the San Luis Fountain. Aside from leaving hardly a single empty seat, fans encouraged the players coached by Joan Penarroya throughout the match. A fact that the coach thanked in the press room. The fans, moreover, were on top of the referees in a game of maximum tension with the passage to the semifinals of the Endesa League at stake. The pavilion experienced a great atmosphere in the last match of the 21/22 campaign JM Lopez In the final minutes of the clash, the fans tried to lift the spirits of some ‘taronja’ players morally affected by a collection of missed shots. With nine down, the stands did not stop trying, although the whistles in each attack action of the Bitci Baskonia had no reward. A fan complains to the referees during the third game against Baskonia JM Lopez With nearly 8,000 fans in the stands, lThe fans responded to the call from the club, the players and the coach in the hours before to the match. From seven in the evening, rocks They met in the cafeteria of L’Alqueria and, shortly after, they welcomed the team. Unfortunately, the night ended in nightmare and disappointment while the ‘taronja family’ saw how Baskonia took off in the final quarter, qualifying for the semifinal of the Endesa League. In a season of poor innings, this Monday was by far the best of the entire campaign. The supporters clubs did not stop giving encouragement to the team from Peñarroya JM Lopez Throughout the 21/22 academic year only eight entries have been above 5000 viewers in La Fonteta.

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Tickets with more than 5000 spectators at La Fonteta:

-Valencia Basketball vs. bitci baskonia 7909 05/30 -Valencia Baslet vs. virtues Bologna 7500 05/04 -Valencia Basket vs. Barcelona 7068 viewers 03/05 -Valencia Basket vs. real Madrid 6368 10/10 -Valencia Basket vs. Boulogne 5446 04/27 -Valencia Basket vs. Hamburg Towers 5386 04/20 -Valencia Basket vs. Joventut 5246 06/11 -Valencia Basket vs. Surne Bilbao Basket 5218 11/20


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