The football surprise that Sergio Massa prepared for Gabriel Boric

During the Chilean state visit to Argentina, the trans-Andean president, Gabriel Boricand the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Serge Massastaged a particular exchange in the National Congress. “Tomorrow you are going to meet a friend of mine”, Massa told him, not knowing that he would introduce him to one of his idols. In the middle of an official meeting, and before giving him the number 10 jersey of the Tigre club, Massa surprised Boric with an invitation to have a meeting with an acquaintance of his . While he was signing a document, he asked: “Who?”Sergio Massa and Gabriel BoricIt was Nestor “Pipo” Gorosito, current coach of Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata and former player of the Chilean Club Deportivo Universidad Católica. “Don’t tell me, do you really know him?”, asked Boric, in amazement. “Yes, of course”, replied Massa. Incredulous, the Chilean president asked the Argentine official if he was serious. The president of the Chamber of Deputies explained: “Yes, he’s a friend of mine, but a very good friend.” And he continued: “Pipo was the coach who made my city’s team champion. Last night he went to the court with me and told me that he would see you tomorrow”.Gabriel Boric, Pipo Gorosito, and Alberto AcostaTwitterBoric, meanwhile, confessed to him: “You can’t imagine the memories I have of him.” Massa recalled their conversation the day before: “I told him that he has to look for a shirt in the chest of the memories of when he played in the Catholic”. The next day, Boric finally met with gorosito and was also with Alberto Acostaalso a former player of the Catholic University.Gabriel Boric, with the Tigre shirt that Sergio Massa gave himGabriel Boric, with the Tigre shirt that Sergio Massa gave him On his first day in the country and after receiving the required honors and entering the esplanade, the Chilean president received a set of mate and silver light bulb, a medal and a book illustrated on the different regions of the country. Massa, for his part, broke protocol and gave him a Tigre shirt, a club of which he is a fan, with the number ten and the name of the Chilean president on the number.

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