The false smile that is not missing

Anil Murthy, president of Valencia CF SD

«I prefer to go, always with a smile. Thank you, thank you, thank you… Then with Germán Cabrera… «PUM». We are going to take the Generalitat to trial”. With those words, Anil Murthy makes it clear that he shows up to meetings with zero intention of reaching an understanding. Looking for the best for Valencia CF and for the fans should be the main objective of any president. There are exceptions throughout the world of football but Valencianism has not only had bad luck, but has run into someone who recognizes leaving the meetings laughing. Put on a good face, say yes and not work hard to find a stadium to match. Leaving the suffering follower with the feeling that the Cortes Valencianas Coliseum is nearby and then prolonging the suffering. It is looping the loop and hearing, through Anil’s voice, that professionalism often does not exist, nor is it expected. In sports, in fact, the club is far from that time when the requirement was to enter the Champions League. Later he ‘downgraded’ to the Europa League and now, after three years without traveling to the Old Continent, Meriton assures that there is no project for more. That it is impossible to do a project of 70 million euros and also he tries to deceive people with a statement that has neither head nor tail. In any case, and going to Anil’s words on the club’s official Twitter in which he says “I’m here to show my face”), what a pity that he did not want to explain after ordering the entire Mestalla to shut up. Neither Joey Lim after his ‘little dance’ in San Sebastián or Meriton in full after the half-truths in the Copa del Rey ticket announcements. The big problem, once again, is that Peter Lim and his gang have no credibility. Bordalás without going any further is still waiting for the meeting with the owner since December.

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