The Evolution of Gaming: Video Games and Slots

Physicist William Higinbotham invented what is suspected to be the first ever video game in 1958, Tennis for Two, and gaming has been a growing market ever since. The invention became the inspiration for the 1972 arcade game, Pong, and many more to follow. 

As technology keeps developing and advancing with each passing year, the gaming industry continues to level up and certainly shows no signs whatsoever of slowing down. 

From glitchy retro 2D graphics (that nowadays may have somewhat of an incomplete yet nostalgic feel because of their imperfections) to impeccably smooth 3D visuals, the technological developments in gaming have been very impressive. Not only has the overall aesthetics and details improved, but leaps in the creations of numerous gaming consoles, from the invention of the PC to PlayStation to Xbox to mobile devices, has ensured that gameplay is now more varied and accessible to more people. 

Recent titles such as Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with worlds that are teeming with possibility. Elden Ring in particular is changing the landscape of open-world titles through the sheer variety of opponents and quests, as well as the different environments. The entire world has been crafted around the user experience alongside the legendary difficulty of FromSoftware’s games and the success it’s had based on the reviews means it’s sure to inspire numerous other titles.

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Another sector of the entertainment industry that is adapting to modern technology is the bingo industry. Slingo titles have become increasingly popular in recent years as online bingo providers have adapted their offerings – these are a combination of both slots and bingo. The titles cover a wide range of themes and have even used video games as an area of inspiration. One of the video game-inspired bingo slots available online is Space Invaders as the classic title continues to be a mainstay in this area. This is a constantly expanding area so expect new themes to keep appearing.

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Inspiration can be found everywhere when creating games. It shouldn’t be overlooked that releases in film are also another significant factor that impact the creation of video and slot games. The Indiana Jones movie franchise has resulted in the creation of a video game and, subsequently, slot games such as Indiana Stones.

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According to recent video gaming statistics, the video gaming industry is estimated to be worth $178.73 Billion as of 2021. This huge sum is expected to rise even higher to $268 Billion by 2025. With this in mind, it is no surprise that online casino games developers, though working within an incredibly successful industry themselves, want to look for new and innovative ways to engage their audience – and potentially attract a new one. 

Gaming fans can look forward to the future of how the games they enjoy can be played and experienced as our modern-day ever-enhancing technology and knowledge continues to expand. 

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