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The elegant wardrobe that you can find at a reduced price in Leroy Merlin

The organization of clothes It’s fundamental. Having our clothes well folded, stretched or organized is essential for a fast-paced ritual of life like the one we lead and in which we must choose our clothes quickly before leaving home. For this, we need a good wardrobe in which all our accessories fit and, if possible, that is nice and cheap. Leroy Merlin has an option that has become a customer favorite. This is the Tuc Roble swing door wardrobe. “Tuc series wardrobe with 2 hinged doors and 2 drawers. Made of high-quality oak-colored melamine with embossed wood effect that is easy to clean. Recommended for living rooms and bedrooms. The hinged opening allows you to have everything at hand and at the view in a comfortable way.In its interior distribution it includes 1 wardrobe rod.Product in kit ready to assemble.Includes handle profile, guides, handle, legs, hinges and screws necessary for its assembly.It has the PEFC seal, which certifies that The wood comes from sustainably managed forests that respect the environment.”. It can be purchased for 110 euros.

The star product of Leroy Merlin that has reduced its price by 50%

Leroy Merlin’s putty that allows you to cover the holes in the pictures on the wall without painting

Everybody likes it keep the house sparkling clean. Along with the bathrooms and the kitchen, another of the fundamental aspects that determines house cleaning are its walls. Due to daily use and the friction of furniture, clothing or the toe of shoes, the walls of our house almost always end up browns, smudged and full of small spots. It doesn’t matter if the floor and the crystals are shiny, if in the middle of a white wall appears a stain or a shadow. There are paints that support a deeper cleaning with soap and water, but some do not tolerate this type of product and can only be painted again. Nevertheless, planning the task of painting or repainting even just one wall at home is quite complicated and just by proposing it to more than one, the desire goes away. For a start, you have to buy paint and prepare the room to avoid more dirt. Remove the paintings, move the furniture away and protect the floor so that the dreaded droplets of paint do not end up dirtying it too. Without also counting on the more than evident effect of contrast that will occur between the wall that is painted and the rest that are left unpainted. The first will be shiny again but the rest will now seem dirtier than before. Another reason to paint the walls white is to cover the holes in the wall left by those paintings or frames that we have hung. How can we go back to leaving our smooth wall without painting or doing a work? Leroy Merlin has the solution with a special putty. “The putty is the necessary and effective element to cover those holes that we no longer need in our house. With the putties it is possible to plaster or plaster the walls, that is, fill in the gaps that exist and correct the imperfections to end up having a level wall and smooth.” “- It is recommended to apply the putty in small quantities so that the successive layers fill all the pores. This way there will be no bubbles or unfilled air pockets.- To proceed to cover the holes, it is essential to prepare the wall well. To do this, the surface must be firm, clean and completely dry”, they explain from Leroy Merlin. One of the most requested is to compare Gotelé renovation putty in Toupret paste. “White wall renovation putty indicated for smoothing and covering the gotelé with a fine finish level. Eliminates imperfections up to 3 mm thick per layer”.

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