Doctor who season 14: Who will be the next doctor?

The famous British science-fiction television show has announced the release of its new season, season 14 soon, the fans got excited listening to the news. The show is originated in the united kingdom and has completed its 13 seasons which had a long-lasting effect on its viewers.

The upcoming season of Doctor is believed to have 26 episodes with 6 different stories. The star Jodie Whittaker and the Showrunner Chris Chibnall will be departing season 14 of the show and will generate another opportunity for the constant running science fiction show.

Jodie Whittaker returned in her third and final series as the thirteen doctors of the Doctor who season 13. The series also starred Mandip Gill and Jhon Bishop as the doctors traveling companions, playing Yasmin Khan and Dan Lewis. Jodie Whittaker was liked by the viewer much, but the rumor of his departure from the season left the fans disheartened and curious about the question as to who will be the next Doctor in the upcoming season?

The views hold a different opinion on whom the viewer wants to see as the next Doctor in the upcoming season. Analyzing the views, we came to know that many of the show’s fans want Vinay Patel, who is a famous playwriter and screenwriter and is best known for his writing in the BBC drama Murder By My Father. Patel possesses a talent to give a more creative and influential role. His episodes achieve success in different ways and can give the historical episodes challenging the colonialist framework.

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As per the data received from the fans, the most popular choice right now for a doctor’s role is Olly Alexander; he is one of the famous British musicians, singers, songwriters, actors, and television presenters. He was also an advocate at LGBTQ.

According to the recent report, it became viral that the forerunner Rusell T. Davies is returning as showrunner for the 60th anniversary. He was the showrunner on revived sci-fi series but left it in 2009. He has been noticed that he usually recasts the actor with whom he had worked before, but as the report says, Davies states that he would be very happy to cast the years of years singer as the 14th Doctor of the show.

Without any official confirmation, the actor playing the role of 14th Doctor will remain a secret and suspense for the audience.


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