The demanding culinary tastes of King Carlos III and his experience as a gastronomic “entrepreneur”

After the death of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Carlos Felipe Arturo Jorge Windsor assumed as monarch of the United Kingdom at the age of 73.In recent days, he was on everyone’s lips for his first movements in his new role, but also because a little more about his private life began to be known. One of the topics that surprised her the most, was the strict eating habit that he carries outto such an extent that it led him to form his own brand of organic foods.King Carlos III is a person who has a special interest in the preparation of his food and its consumption. He described it like this darren mcgrady, former chef of the British royal householdin an interview in which he stated: “I cooked many times lamb at Buckingham Palace. Prince Charles was a foodie and was interested in organic food even before it was invented”.In 1990, King Carlos III created his own organic food brand under the name of Duchy Originalscronista.comHis favorite dish is risotto with mushrooms and lambas McGrady noted, though among chefs who cooked for royalty, several more dishes that the monarch often asks for stand out. For example, to start the day ask for a boiled eggwhich has the particularity that it must be removed from the fire exactly after seven minutes. In addition, it has tastes like those of any other person: His favorite pizza is the Margarita and for dessert he usually orders the traditional fruit tart. and, even more so, if they are from plums, especially picked from his garden at Highgrove. Despite having an interest in the care of what he eats, the sovereign, when the occasion calls for it, drink malt whiskey and his favorite is the Laphroaig brand, which is produced in the north of Scotland. In 1990, King Charles III created his own brand of organic foods under the name of Duchy Originalswhose main attraction are the famous Oatmeal Cookies. Despite having had some success in the early years, the economic crisis of 2008 affected your companywhich was “rescued” and acquired by Waitrose supermarkets and the products are now sold under the name of Waitrose Duchy Organic.King Charles III of Great Britain, shortly before the funeral of his mother, Queen Elizabeth IIKing Charles III of Great Britain, shortly before the funeral of his mother, Queen Elizabeth IIWithout a doubt, the death of Elizabeth II left a huge void for British. In this context, even though his son, Charles III determined to make up for his mother’s absence and vowed to serve his people all his life, there are doubts as to how successful his career will be. reign.Deborah Davies is a British psychic that, in the past, predicted that the Royal family would go through “a major change” this year. As this woman now indicated, it is possible that the brand new king not be prepared to carry out the task.“I don’t have a good feeling about Carlos”Davies said in an interview with the Daily Star, after seeing the images of the monarch completely annoyed with his assistants because they had not removed an object that was on the table where he had to sign a document. He added: “He is also stabilizing himself by holding the table and he has the feeling that this is too much pressure all of a sudden.” As he explained, in that scene he saw what he calls a “death look”, which has a very specific meaning. and sharp. “It means that person won’t last, that they suddenly look old and haggard.” I observe. In relation to this, according to the psychic, Carlos will not be on the throne for long. And in contrast, he remembered when, in December, he said that William would be king “earlier than expected.”

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