The Dead Files Season 14 Episode 5 Latest Release Date, Spoilers!

The Dead Files Season 14 Episode 5

The Dead Files Season 14 Episode 5 Latest Release Date & Spoilers! Everything you need to know about episode 5 is right here. This episode is going to take you on a wild adventure filled with jaw-dropping revelations. It is worth noting that “The Dead Files” has been running on the Travel Channel for over a decade. This spooky series with each new season’s release. Everything about it is really exciting, filled with suspense, and every second of it is causing shivers in the audience.

The new episodes causing a frenzy among the show is fans. That means that Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi have returned for another thrilling season of this fascinating series. There have been two amazing episodes broadcast. Here are all the most recent details about the upcoming third episode. Amy Allan and ex-NYPD murder detective Steve DiSchiavi are the stars of Paranormal Hunters.

The Dead Files: When Will Season 14, Episode 5 Air?

The Dead Files is titled “The Seether” and is scheduled to premiere on November 6, 2021. This episode was filmed in Graham, Washington, therefore we may argue that Graham is the next spooky site in the season 14 collection. This episode, like the other ones, is going to be packed of terror and give you chills on every part.

We have acquired some fantastic, so be sure to check them out. You will see Steve and Amy helping a lady in need in Graham, Washington, in this episode. They will learn that the lady is certain that her fiancé a terrible evil that she has a strong belief in. The dark entity problem for that lady. All the viewers are going to enjoy seeing them take on that evil thing.

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Streaming Information for Episode 5

Like the previous two episodes, Episode 5 will be around 60 minutes long. On the Travel Channel, you may watch this episode. No worries if you do not have a cable subscription; you can watch on the Travel Channel’s official website even if you don’t. VOD providers like Microsoft allow you to purchase or rent this episode. On YouTube TV, you can even watch the show in real time. If you want to watch this episode online, there are a lot of alternatives available to you.


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