The curse of Oak Island S9 – would the brothers be able to find the treasure this season?

The curse of Oak Island S9

The curse of the oak island is the reality show cum series in which Mark and his brother Rick Lagina do real-life treasure hunting. With the support of a highly responsive audience, they have completed their eight seasons successfully. According to some sources, they are coming up with their ninth season, which could be the final season.

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According to Dr. Ian Spooner (professor at Acadia in the department of earth and Environmental Sciences with 26 years of experience), there is also a lot waiting as a reward finds what is buried in Oak Island. No one has found the treasure since eight eight-season being passed, but the interesting adventures and discoveries keep the viewer’s intention towards the show. That’s why fans and industry support their every upcoming season.


The show will shoot with the lead role of the same brother’s Rick and Marty Lagina, leading the hunt as always. Other members in the crew are – Marty Lagina, Craig Tester, David Blankenship, Dan Henskee, Peter Fornetti, Jack Begley, and Charles Barkhouse. There might be the entry of some locals or experts, so keep ready for the thrill.

David Blankenship is the son of Dan Blankenship, who was the partner of the Lagina brothers who knew most about the island. And Craig Tester is an expert in Drilling and earth scans.


As most fans might have already known, the first episode of the ninth season of the curse of the Oak Island is already released on the 2nd of November, 2021. The next episode will release on Next Tuesday. This is the weekly show, so every Tuesday, the new episode will come.

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The first episode of the ninth season is named “Going for Gold.” The show can be watched on History TV 18 Chanel at 9 p.m ET through TV. And Online Telecast can be watched on History Chanel’s official website; a live stream could also be watched on Spectrum, Direct TV, Fubo TV, Sling TV, Xfinity, and Philo TV.


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