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The Charterhouse or the Mint and Stamp Factory?

It could be known and it could be expected. Go ahead, I don’t believe in Jewish-Masonic conspiracies, but it squeaks a lot that the one chosen to lead the final is Hernández Hernández. The designation itself is already a provocation to Valencia CF. The same referee by which the club described his performance at the Bernabéu as “robbery” on social networks. Of the 20 First referees, removing Andalusians and Valencians, it is inadmissible that there is no other option. It seems more like a plan concocted by Berlin and The Professor to attack the Mint. The solution was as easy as preventing a referee appointed by one of the finalists from taking the prize to judge the future of a club, which needs Europe like food, beyond the title. Thus it is more difficult to believe in the refereeing establishment, precisely for the same reason that Rubiales and Piqué do not seem to understand: for the cleanliness of the competition or at least it seems so. From now on, I start praying to San VAR.

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