The 10 most demanded rental cars in Spain

The leasing companiesleasing companies registered during the first semester in Spain a total of 123,523 vehiclesa 12.6% less than in the same period of 2021, when 141,323 units were reached, according to the Spanish Vehicle Rental Association (AER). Specifically, in June a total of 28,809 vehiclesthe highest number of registrations of the year, despite being a 9.65% lower than that of June 2021, when 31,887 units were registered. It should be noted that during the sixth month of the year, renting accounted for 47.66% of the company channel as a whole, while in the accumulated figure for the year (January-June) it has a weight in said channel of 44.94%. According to Martin Castro Acebespresident of the AER: “The month of June has been confirmed as the best month of this year 2022 for renting, with 28,809 vehicle acquisitions, and this despite the enormous difficulties that manufacturers are still encountering to meet demand Only this lack of vehicles is what motivates leasing to have closed the first semester with a fall in accumulated registrations of 12.6%.However, leasing continues to gain positions on its way to currently consolidate itself as the best solution of mobility, as shown by the fact that renting accounts for almost 26% of the total number of registrations in the market, and close to 45% in the case of the company channel”.

The most demanded brands in renting

These are the ten most registered brands in renting in the business channel as of June 2022:

The 10 most demanded rental cars

Electrification and renting

From January to June, a total of 11,355 units of electrified vehicles (pure electric, extended range electric, gasoline plug-in hybrids and diesel plug-in hybrids), which represents a 9.19% of the total registrations in renting. This in turn translates into an increase in 17.35% compared to data from June 2021, when 9,676 electrified units were registered.

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