Tesla, protagonist in 70% of accidents caused by active safety systems

Tesla not going through its best moment. In recent years, the brand’s growth and good numbers have overshadowed the bad news, but a poor first quarter due to external problems such as inflation or component shortages has caused the company to confirm the dismissal of 10% of its salaried workforcenews that has been added to the title of the least reliable car brand and with the most breakdowns of the OCU according to more than 50,000 drivers and, now, to the brand with the most accidents caused using its level two safety systems, the autopilot in your case. According to a report from the NHTS -the American traffic association-, the vehicles of Tesla have been involved in the 70% of accidents in which level two autonomy systems were active, in the 60% in which there were serious injuries and in the 85% in which deaths were recorded. The NHTS confirms that this report is the first in a series that it will publish from now on to measure the performance of active safety systems, which according to the agency could save up to 650,000 accidents per year only in the United States.

The data in detail

The data in the report corresponds to a direct request to the manufacturers about the accidents in which vehicles with systems were involved. ADAS level two activated since June 2021. At this level, the car can maintain speed and following distance, control direction and stay centered in the lane. Despite everything, drivers must remain focused, with their hands on the wheel and ready at all times to take command. In total, they were counted 392 accidents with five serious injuries and six deaths. In this sense, the vehicles Tesla with the autopilot activated were involved in 273 of these 392 accidents, in which three serious injuries and five deaths were recorded. Sling followed Elon Musk’s brand, but accounted for just 90 accidents. The following were Subaruwith 10Y Fordwith five.

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The NHTS nuances the results

Although Tesla was involved in the majority of accidents, the NHTS clarifies that No concludes that the autopilot of the brand is the most dangerous system From the market. The North American organization makes clear in the report several aspects that play against Elon Musk’s company. First of all it refers to the origin of the dataalleging that it collects the information from the markswho must notify for each accident of which they are aware, of the records policethe news in the press and testimony staff of those involved. The NHTSA considers the last three channels unreliable and in the first he admits that only Tesla monitors all its cars and therefore can report them accurately, while other brands do not. Also, remember there is 830,000 units of Tesla with autopilot in the United States, while nissanthe second manufacturer with the most cars with level two systems circulating in the country, there are 560,000and acknowledges that, while Autopilot can be used on all roads, the ProPilot of Nissan or the SuperCruise General Motors are only available on highways. Likewise, he admits that by not knowing how many kilometers are traveled with each system, it is difficult to draw a definitive conclusion.


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