‘Tales Of The Walking Dead’ Anthology Spin-off Series: All You Need To Know

Tales of the Walking Dead, a forthcoming episodic narrative spinoff show scheduled for AMC and AMC+, will only further broaden The Walking Dead realm.

Tales of the Walking Dead would concentrate on both new and established actors in every 1-hour single episode in the setting of the original series, which again will end after Season 11.

Channing Powell, the writer-producer of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, will direct Tales, collaborating with Scott M. Gimple, the Walking Dead Realm’s chief content officer.

A 6 episodic first season is set to begin shooting early in 2022, with a summertime debut on AMC+ and AMC.

How to Watch Tales Of The Walking Dead?

It’s difficult enough to figure out where this series will air. The main show is now available on Disney+ Star, whereas Fear the Walking Dead is available on AMC, and World Beyond is only available on Amazon Prime.

Both of those options could work for Tales, but given the state of the show’s UK airings, we wouldn’t be shocked if it ended up elsewhere entirely.

The Cast of the Tales Of The Walking Dead

We can only guess who might appear in it. The number of possible characters is large, and there are so, so many existing characters that we all would want to learn further about.

The role of Abraham Ford will undoubtedly be a popular pick (Michael Cudlitz). In the season 7 opener, Abe faced his end at the hands of Negan and Lucille, and when it was revealed that a new cast member will be entering Fear the Walking Dead, some fans believed it might be him.

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It ended up being Morgan Jones (Lennie James), however, the Walking Dead crew must find it difficult to overlook Abe’s appeal. Cudlitz had recently directed series in the franchise, so approaching him would be pretty simple.

Perhaps, we won’t be waiting long to find out just who the writers have decided to cast this time.

The plot of the Tales Of The Walking Dead

At the time, details are scarce, however, we do know that each episode is going to be unique, and also that current and previous members of the cast will have much more opportunities to tell their tales. There are even discussions of seeing a personality well before catastrophe — take your guesses now on who they’ll choose.

It’s a little too early for Tales of The Walking Dead’s trailer release. We ought to learn who will star in the show first. However, as quickly as one is available, we’ll get it available for you just here.

We’ll update you as soon as we get more information on the subject.

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