Survivor Season 41 Cast Revealed: The Full List with Photos

Season 41 of Survivor will usher in a new era when it begins this fall. Jeff Probst is introducing new features to the game as the 18 new castaways are revealed, beginning with the game’s length, which has always been 39 days.

“Survivor 41 is ushering in a new era, beginning with a far more perilous 26-day game,” the 59-year-old CBS personality reveals. “That means it’s moving at a breakneck speed. It does, however, push the players to make more significant judgments. As a result, there will be new benefits as well as some problematic twists.” A “Game within the Game” element will be included in this new age, which Probst described as “an interactive experience for junior, future Survivor participants” who will “have to find and solve rebus puzzles concealed within each episode.” As he proceeds to explain, the longstanding host expects some pushback from ardent fans: “There’s a history on Survivor. Every twist we’ve ever done has been panned at first, all the way back to Season 3 when we conducted the first tribe swap. Tribes are now enraged if they do not receive a switch. It was the same with the idol, as it is with everything else.”

An ex-NFL player, a neurosurgeon, a rancher, a grocery clerk, many college students, a stay-at-home mom, a pastor, a flight attendant, and more are among the cast members this season.

According to a CBS press release, the 26-day game would be hastened since “resources are limited, reward challenges are sparse, and players are confronted with advantages that might substantially improve their game or, just as quickly, extinguish their light.”

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“I’m trying to tell players to just keep moving and beat the game,” Probst adds. It is quick. Everything has to be earned. Even if you do keep it, there’s no assurance you’ll keep it. Right now, it’s Survivor, so buckle up.”

Survivor Season 41 Cast

Down below is the castaways for Survivor season 41, which starts on CBS on September 22 at 8 p.m.

Brad Reese

Age: 50
Hometown: Shawnee, WY
Current Residence: Shawnee, WY
Occupation: Rancher