Super Crooks Anime: Everything You Need to Know

We’ll see the anime adaption of Leinil Yu and Mark Millar’s heist comic in visual action. It is confirmed, Super Crooks anime series is coming soon!!

During Netflix Global Fan Fest TUDUM, the release date of anime was announced. Netflix has also published additional details regarding the awaited anime version of Mark Millar’s Super Crooks and the first trailer for the series ahead of TUDUM.

If you are a fan of the Super Crooks: The Heist, comic book series, and curious about the anime, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll disclose everything we know so far about the anime series: 

Super Crooks Anime Release Date & Trailer

Netflix decided to produce this anime back in 2019. And during TUDUM, the creators of the series announced the release date of the anime to be 25th November 2021. Fans of the comic book are now eagerly waiting for the premiere of the first episode. All you have to do is to get your popcorn ready!!

The episodes of the series would be 30-min long. The total no. of episodes so far known is 13.

Netflix has also released its teaser during TUDUM. You can watch the same here:

Plot and Cast of Super Crooks

Set in the world of “Millar Cinematic Universe,” Super Crooks is in a world filled with superheroes. It revolves around Johnny Bolt and the gang he recruited. Along with his mismatched group, Johnny is going for a final heist to rob a vicious crime lord with superhuman abilities.

Johnny not only aims to pay off the debt, but he also intends to be wealthy by the end. The heist will take place in Europe because of less population of superheroes.

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Although there is not much information about the characters of anime, since it is based on comic books, we expect to see most of them in the series. In the comic books, the main characters are:

1. Johnny Bolt

The primary character who unites everyone (Just like Professor X from X-Men and Nick Fury from Avengers). He is a criminal mastermind with electric abilities, yet he primarily depends on his charisma and charm to manipulate others.

2. The Ghost 

The Ghost is the world’s greatest cat robber, with the ability to turn intangible and pass through walls. 

3. Kasey

She is Johnny’s ex-girlfriend and the story’s sole significant female character. Her ability to manipulate others allows her to make them see what she wants them to see.

4. Forecast

A fraudster in New York City who can manipulate the weather with his brain.

5. The Heat

An old supervillain with fire-manipulation abilities that he employs in tandem with a heat pistol.

6. Roddy and Sammy Diesel

Siblings and pro fighters who have regenerative healing factors. They clash but make a good team together.

7. TK McCabe

He knows telekinesis and also attempted and failed to become a legitimate superhero.

8. The Gladiator

He is a superhero who possesses superhuman strength. He only goes along with the theft because they threaten to expose him as a gay if he doesn’t.

So, what do you think about this anime? Are you willing to watch it? Do let us know in the comments section below. To get more updates regarding upcoming anime series and movies, stay tuned to our website.


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