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Succession Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

A perfect blend of corporate politics, satire, hollow family relations, and the reality behind the closed curtains of huge family empires was presented successfully to us in the year 2018, by the name of ‘Succession’. The series is critically well acclaimed and fails nowhere to justify its objectives.

The good news for the ‘Succession’ fans is that its third season is all set to be released and in this article, we will be talking about everything related to it.

Succession: A well-driven family corporate drama

The name itself is enough to understand the whole plot of the series. The series centers around the Roy family, the dysfunctional owners of Waystar RoyCo.  The company is a giant in the field of global media and entertainment.

There is always a feeling of competition and anger between the family members regarding the ownership of the company after the death of the family’s patriarch Logan Roy.

So far, the story has been carried out through two seasons and we will soon be having our eyes on the third one. So, let’s go through the release date, cast, and expected plot of the upcoming season.

Where the Season 2 ended?

The two seasons of this great satire work have done magic with the corporate picturization of a well-set-up family drama. The series has got an IMDb rating of 8.7 and has awards like British Academy Television Award and Emmy Award. The climax of season 2 left the audience in a fix and season 3 shall answer all our questions.

In the climax of season 2, the Waystar firm was under some chaos regarding the crimes taking place in its cruise ships and the decision is to be made that who will take charge of all the actions and thus, will leave the company.

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Then, Logan chooses his middle son Kendall to take the job and leave the stakes. By the end of the season, Kendall blames Logan and his cousin, Greg for the scandal. And the season ends with everyone being in shock while Logan smiles.

Succession Season 3 Release date

The announcement of season 3 was made in August this year only. HBO confirmed the third season through their Twitter page.


Succession Season 3 Trailer

The official trailer is also out.

After all the delay that the pandemic has caused, the third season will release on 17th October 2021 in the USA and a day later in the UK.

Where to watch Succession Season 3?

Both the previous seasons are available on HBO MAX and this season will also be released there. Fans can take a subscription to the streaming service and enjoy this great series.

The Cast of season 3

The core cast will be returning for the third season. Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, Alan Ruck, etc will surely be returning in their respective roles along with another original cast in this great series by Jesse Armstrong.

The expected plot of Succession Season 3

As season 2 showed us Logan being impressed by Kendall’s move, it is being predicted that it’s all going by the plan of Logan and a big secret is yet to be revealed by him. This might be the center of attraction throughout the season while some secondary issues also began to occur.

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Looking at all the efforts the makers have put into the previous seasons, the expectations are high with this season as well and we all know that Jesse Armstrong will surely bring something extraordinary to the screens. All this will be before us on 17th October and the fans are just ready to usher the season with their love.


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