Star Trek: Movie Pushed To Christmas 2023

Star Trek: Movie Pushed To Christmas 2023

A new film from the “Star Trek” universe has been announced for 2023. It was not disclosed what the mysterious “Star Trek” movie was about or who was involved. It could be a sequel to “Star Trek Beyond” from 2016, but it could also be a completely separate work.

The release date of the new “Star Trek” film has been postponed from June 9, 2023, to December 22, 2023. In the same breath, the movie “Transformers: Beast Wars” was put on the former “Star Trek” date.

What is critical about the new “Star Trek” date is that the latest film from the “Star Wars” universe should also start in December 2023. Granted, “Rogue Squadron”, which holds the appointment, has been postponed indefinitely, but a mysterious “Star Wars” film is to be shot next year, which could start in December ’23.

So either Paramount has inside information that Disney will skip the December slot or a placeholder date for “Star Trek”. After all, there is still no information about the new “Star Trek” film. With the release of the new animation series ” Star Trek: Prodigy “, new possibilities could have been created.

Showrunner Alex Kurtzman reveals that “Star Trek: Prodigy” can reach a new cinema target group. But this may be a different movie than the one slated to open in 2023. We will keep you up to date!. This month the fourth season of ” Star Trek: Discovery ” starts streaming on Netflix in the stream. 

A Christmas Carol

The Star Trek movie moves closer to the Christmas period. In the same month, Warner Bros. will be releasing their adaptation of the musical The Color Purple and the musical film Wicked. Moreover, despite Patty Jenkins denying to move forward with Star Wars Rogue Squadron, Disney has still not changed its release date.

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