‘Star Trek: Discovery Season 5’ Release Date? Renewal? And Other Updates

Will Star Trek: Discovery continues, or is it canceled with Season 5? Nothing has been officially confirmed yet. But the plans of the series makers are clear. There should even be seven seasons of “Star Trek: Discovery.”

‘Star Trek: Discovery Season 5’ What Is Known?

The fourth season of ” Star Trek: Discovery ” is currently being released on US streaming service Paramount+. But what about the future of the sci-fi series? Is Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Confirmed? The answer to the question is no, but that doesn’t mean anything.

Since the “Star Trek” universe is being observed by mastermind Alex Kurtzman, who is working on numerous other “Star Trek” new releases such as “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” or the second season of “Star Trek: Picard,” it is necessary its time, of course, before a new season is officially confirmed. Even if it is already being worked on behind the scenes.

Alex Kurtzman announced in October 2020 that “Star Trek: Discovery” should run for about seven seasons. After all, “Star Trek: The Next Century,” “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” and “Star Trek: Spaceship Voyager” also had a run the length of seven seasons.

It was also Kurtz Mans contract was renewed with Paramount+ to 2026. So nothing stands in the way of further seasons, especially since co-showrunner Michelle Paradise already indicated on Twitter in August 2021 that the authors would gather again to create new episodes.


Paradise comments on a picture of her co-screenwriter Kyle Jarrow, who shows himself in make-up at a children’s birthday party. Paradise hopes to meet him in the Writers’ room in the identical brightly colored make-up on the first day. Suppose that is not a clear indication. A release date will probably be in autumn 2022.

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