Spoilers on the new season of the show: Another Life season 3 

Another Life is one of the extremely watched shows being cast on Netflix, the show hold lot of interesting elements to attract viewers but it has a drawback of releasing the updated version within a long interval of time. This test patience of the audience leads them to lose interest in the show. Another life season was more or less similar to its first season. Another life falls under the genre of science fiction. Science fiction is always expected to rise with a unique idea to attract attention in the market. the repetition of ideas is not appreciated when it comes to science fiction. 

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Another life came up with its first season in July 2019 and was appreciated by many of its followers and critics. The show came up with its second season 3 months later when the first season was streamed. Thus we cannot expect the appearance of the show before 2022 with its third season, yet the markers had not made remarks on it and we are just calculating the dates based on our assumptions. 

Another life season three will also continue with its lead star named Kate Sackhoff. Kate Shakhoff is and major character in the series and she enjoys playing the role in Another life. During an interview, Shakhoff also mention how is fascinated by the show and could analyse the potential of the show. She feels extremely happy being one of the crew members in the series and is always ready to be a part of the series with all dedication and hard work.

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Along with Kate many other actors are also expected to join in Another life season 3 naming them as Justin Chatwin, Samuel Anderson, Elizabeth Ludlow, Lina Renna, Selma Blair, Tongayi Chirisa, Alexander Eling, Blu Hunt, Jayr Tinaco, A.J. Rivera, Parveen Dosanjh, Shannon Chan-Kent and Kury Yaeger. 

Another life season 3 will also be a new age of freedom and exploration where we can see Niko could have some trouble by exploring other worlds. The production of the show is yet to start and we cannot expect its start before 2022.  


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