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Spain, the country with the most remote desktop attacks in 2021

Spain was in 2021 the country where more remote desktop attacks detectedspecifically more than 51 billiona figure that doubles the second country, Italy, with a total of 25,000 million, according to a report by the ESET company that highlights the cybersecurity deficit in teleworking. The Remote Desktop Protocol or RDP is Microsoft’s own protocol that allows a user to connect remotely to a Windows computer and its use, according to ESET, has increased significantly during the pandemic due to teleworking, allowing employees to connect to their office equipment from their homes. The problem with RDP is that default authentication relies only on a username and password and, many times, these credentials are easy to guess by criminals who try multiple combinations automatically through what is known as brute force attacks, company sources have explained to Efe. In the event that a criminal manages to remotely access a computer located within the corporate network, they could steal the information it contains or use it to pivot within this network and compromise other machines that contain more confidential information, stealing it or even encrypting it to request a rescue. “For that reason it is essential to protect these RDP connections with, at least, a double-factor authentication and thus prevent an attacker from accessing computers within a corporate network simply by guessing weak passwords”, according to the same sources. ESET Spain presented this Tuesday the threat report for the last quarter of 2021 and has reviewed global data for the year. “Our country has been by far where the most remote desktop attacks have been detected”Josep Albors, director of research and awareness of ESET Spain, pointed out in a statement, who pointed out that “these figures show that there is still a lot of work to be done regarding cybersecurity in the teleworking environment”. In addition to the RDP data, Albors has mentioned email as the most prominent attack vector in Spain in 2021, being the second country in the world: “it is surprising that cybercriminals continue to have remarkable success taking advantage of vulnerabilities from 5 years ago to carry out attacks via email”. Spain returns to occupy the first position in the world in information theft attacks, known as infostealers, and, according to ESET, of all the attacks of this type detected in Spain, two threats dedicated to stealing company credentials -such as Agent Tesla and Formbook- account for more than 60% of detections. The report also indicates that phishing – deception techniques to gain the trust of the victim – has continued to be very present in 2021. Banking Trojans, despite having decreased their activity compared to 2020, are still active using hooks such as invoices false, fines and parcel. With regard to ransomware – kidnapping of files in exchange for a ransom – at the level of detection, Spain is not in the worst position. Albors places it in an intermediate place, with September being the month in which the greatest activity of this type of threat was detected. ESET predicts that in 2022 targeted attacks against remote desktops will continue to be very present, that phishing will become more professional and it is very possible that attacks on crypto assets will continue.

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