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South Korea drama industry is up with a new romantic series : “School 2021”

The South Korean drama “School 2021” is a romantic fiction show directed by Han Sang – Woo and written by Lee – Hyun, a famous novelist. It will be one of the most attractive television series coming up very soon. The series casts Kim YO – HAN, Choo young -Woo, Cho Yi – Hyun and Hwang Bo – reum – bye. Cho Yi Hyun will be playing the female lead actress opposite Wei’s Kim Yo Han in “School 2021.” The show will come up with its first episode on 17th November 2021 on Wednesday and Thursday over KBS2. The is show is will be telecasted originally in the Korean language.

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“School 2021” carry a storyline of romance. It showcases the life and growth of young children studying at vocational high school. The show gives a message as to how the situation plays an essential role in developing humans, maturity is not only the factor of age, but it is also about the situation we face as individuals. The show focuses on how the young mind develops in their journey of life, and it also highlights the romance we all fall into a trap with during our young age. Tough time built our attitude stronger and our thinking rational, as in the case of Gong – ki – Joon in the show.

Gong ki Joon was a great athlete player who was also awarded a bronze medal in National Athletics Competition for her remarkable performance. His destiny did not support him much, and soon he had a severe ankle injury problem. His family condition fell as his father’s business got shut. That was a challenging phase for Gong Ki Joon and his family. Later he quit his career as an athlete and decided to join the high school for further studies. His situation in life made forced him to attain maturity before a defined age and holds the capacity to tackle every kind of situation with smartness, except one, and that is related to his love life where he loses all his knowledge and finds himself blank.

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Na Geum–Young is another protagonist in the show who is also part of vocational high school; she is a second-grade student who aims to be a Youtuber in life; she took cooking as her subject in high school and desire you start her cooking channel over YouTube. Her father holds a karaoke room in the outskirts of the town to run his family.
Stay tuned to “School 2021” to get more updates!

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