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Social Security: Important notice to parents with children under 26 years of age

You must always be aware of the latest news that may be published in the Official State Gazette (BOE), since many of these notifications are usually new regulations of the DGT, legislative changes in the price of medicines or simply to remember important facts. to citizenship. In this case it has been through social networks, in which Social Security has made an important notice. The public entity has alerted workers who still live with their parents of something to pay attention to if they have been discharged. Specifically, this alert is given to the right to register with Social Security for those children who live with their parents and are covered by this protection while they are not employed.

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The consultation of this citizen to the Social Security

The response that Social Security has given on its official Twitter profile is a good warning for many fathers and mothers. A clarification that more than one has had to consult when the time comes and that for those who do not know it will be very useful: “My son under 26 stopped being a beneficiary of my Social Security when he started a job, but he no longer works” . Many wonder what happens in these cases, so Social Security has had to issue the following message “If he continues to live with you and at your expense, he may once again have the right to health care as your beneficiary”

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In short, it is explained to the parents that the children who live with them have the right to recover their Social Security registration, depending on their parents. This will happen as long as the children have finished their registration because they are employed.

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