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So you can take advantage of the ham when it seems that it has finished

You can always get something more. That’s what the experts say when a ham seems to be “finished”. With Christmas already past, there are many ham bones still swarming through kitchens waiting to end up in the trash. Now, those bones can be reused following the advice of the popular content creator specialized in hams, Víctor Sánchez.

The expert’s recommendation is to take advantage of the fibula area. It is a somewhat “hidden” part, which the expert Víctor Sánchez explains how to use. “Using a lace or butcher knife, with a strong handle and a rigid point, we carefully delimit and squeeze the bone area. Little by little, the bone will come off. At that moment, the bone must be held and force downwards. until it breaks.”

“It is a more fibrous meat, but juicier” stands out from this area, close to the hoof.

How to choose a good ham

Ham is one of the staples at Christmas lunches and dinners. Choosing a good ham is a task as important as it is complicated. With this simple trick it will be much easier to hit what is one of the kings of the starters. To choose a good ham there are several factors to take into account. One of the first aspects we have to look at is the hoof. It must be worn, which is a sign that the animal has traveled kilometers and has fed outdoors. Another important factor is the cane. It must be fine and narrow, as the canons of the Iberian breed dictate. The stifle must be covered with as much fat as possible. And the fat has to flow. When making a slight pressure the finger should penetrate the ham. In addition, we must look at the label. There we can learn more details about the upbringing and origin of the animal. This advice has been popularized by the ham expert Víctor Sánchez. This has been revealed through his social networks, in which he has tens of thousands of followers.

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