Smoothie recipe to increase energy

Are you a smoothie lover? Well today you are in luck, because we have prepared one that you will love. Getting up every morning and facing the day with vitality helps us feel better and get to all tasks and chores without setbacks. In this sense, eating properly is a fundamental tool. Do you want to discover this smoothie recipe to increase energy? Let nothing resist you! Preparing options as delicious as today’s will take you little time and the result is great. Not only is it a gift for your palate, but it also helps you nourish and care for yourself from the inside and obtain endless benefits. If you persevere with good eating habits, you will not only notice the change when looking at yourself in the mirror (better appearance, proper weight, well-groomed skin and hair, etc.), but you will also feel better internally. There is nothing comparable to enjoying a good quality of life!

Smoothie recipe to increase energy

This recipe from smoothie to increase energy it will become a basic for you, a fresh and delicious breakfast option that we love. If you add to its rich flavor the ease with which it is prepared… not even lack of time will be a valid excuse! Let’s go there, get the ingredients that we detail below and enjoy a refreshing and revitalizing drink.




you just have to Put these ingredients in a hand blender and blend until they integrate. If you want to get more texture in the smoothie, freeze the banana beforehand. Sounds delicious, right? Well, we assure you that it tastes even better! If you dare to prepare this smoothie recipe to increase energy, do not hesitate to share the results on networks and mention us at @vikikacosta and @vikikateam so we can see them. Your opinion helps us push and motivate! Every day closer to the goal, to become your best version. For all!

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