Simpsons Season 33: Smithers Has A New Boyfriend!

Simpsons Season 33

After years, Waylon Smithers of the Simpson has finally found a boyfriend who loves him back and is ready to say goodbye to Mr. Burns. It’s been 33 seasons, and now the obliging Smithers has his sweetheart too.

Smithers is undoubtedly one of the most iconic characters of The Simpsons, in particular in relation to his boss, Mr. Burns, who over the years has made Homer, the protagonist of the series, go through all the colors. The assistant has always been in love with his boss, and we viewers know it well, even if the character has never revealed his true feelings to the person concerned.

But the time has come to turn the page. After years of unrequited love, the sweet Smithers has, in fact, the opportunity to meet someone who loves him. The news comes from EW, who also shared a first shot of the new loving couple. The original language will be Victor Gaber, actor of Alias, to dub this new entry. But we get to know Smithers’ new boyfriend better.

Who’s The Lucky Guy?

This new character is Michael De Graaf, an internationally renowned designer, particularly wealthy and judge in a well-known TV program, namely America’s Got Fabric. It is a show dedicated to the world of fashion, in which Michael has the role of a meticulous and cutting judge.

Michael De Graaf will make his arrival in the episode of November 21, broadcast in the USA. Only then will he and Smithers meet, even if we don’t know the dynamic yet. The executive producer of the series, Matt Selman, spoke about the new character:

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The Simpsons, therefore, will expand the character of Waylon Smithers, so far experienced only as a satellite of Mr. Burns. Matt Selman added that, at this point, it was also appropriate to delve into the love life of the character, which until now had never been explored.


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