Shang-Chi And She-Hulk Set Up ‘World War Hulk’ Movie! Know How!

Shang-Chi And She-Hulk Set Up ‘World War Hulk

Earlier this week on Disney+ day, a long-range of future Marvel productions were revealed. These included one of the most anticipated arrivals, ‘She Hulk.’ The saga of lawyer Jennifer Walters becoming the ‘SMASH’ through a blood transfusion of her cousin Bruce Banner will be coming to Disney+ in 2022. Those who wonder if the ‘She-Hulk’ will go all rogue like the traditional Hulk will be disappointed. The lawyer played by Tatiana Maslany will be turning into a more smart-hulk as seen in Avengers: Endgame. The ‘She-Hulk’ tv series is a mystery on its own, but a bigger mystery now is the connection of the series with ‘Shang-Chi’ and at last ‘World War Hulk.’ 

Shang-Chi And She-Hulk Set Up ‘World War Hulk
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Shang-Chi Sets Up A World War Hulk Movie!

In the post-credit scenes of Marvel’s latest arrival, ‘Shang-Chi,’ we saw Bruce Banner again as a person. Long-time since his last appearance similar to this in ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’ Many fans were in trouble with this appearance because almost everyone thought he had turned into the Smart Hulk permanently. In the first images of ‘She-Hulk,’ we can see Smart Hulk back in action again. 

As far as it is being assumed, the post-credit scene from ‘Shang-Chi’ is more likely a part of ‘She-Hulk Season 1.’ This means we will see Smart Hulk becoming Bruce Banner in the new Marvel series. This comes after it is believed that Banner has worked to refuse Hulk and Bruce Banner’s personalities to become Smart Hulk again. And this particular scenario sets up the much-talked ‘World War Hulk’ movie. 

World War Hulk: Farewell To Ruffalo

The rumors and reports around the ‘World War Hulk’ movie being part of Marvel Phase 5 have been in the corners of the internet for quite some time now. Fans have been waiting for a stand-alone Hulk feature for a long time now, and since Ruffalo is one of the few Avengers left since the first ‘Avengers Assemble,’ ‘World War Hulk’ can turn out to be the farewell Ruffalo deserves. 

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How Smart Hulk Turns Into The Angry Hulk Again

The events in ‘She-Hulk’ can lead to the arrival of ‘World War Hulk’ in the MCU. As reported, the scenario could be that Banner’s attempts to become Smart Hulk in ‘She-Hulk’ goes are incredibly wrong, which results in the Angry Hulk personality getting the upper hand at him in the end. 


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