Shaman King Season 2 Releasing On? Sources confirmed!

Shaman King Season 2

It’s too early to talk about the release date of Shaman King (2021) Season 2, Episode 1. In April 2021, only the first part of the famous remake awaits anime fans. Back in 2001, we saw the first adaptation of Hiroyuki Takei’s manga. Once, he refused to give the go-ahead for the release of a new version. But now, they decided to “restart” the project, covering all volumes of the work.

Shaman King Season 2: What Is The Plot?

When the good news became known to anime fans, fans immediately became interested in the release date of Shaman King season 2. But the further fate of the show is still unknown.

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The new series is an adaptation of all 35 volumes of manga at once. The creators did not reveal the name of the studio that will take on the project, but it can be assumed that the case will be entrusted to Production IG. However, this information is not official. But the creators promised viewers to follow the original storyline strictly.

Yo Asakura is the primary mediator between the dead and the living. The hero wants to become the Shaman King. He must win a difficult battle. Once every five hundred years, a star falls from the sky, which announces the beginning of the tournament. The victor will be able to unite with the Spirit King, gaining tremendous power. A variety of participants come to the competition. They all pursue their own goals.

Some want to improve the world; others dream of gaining mighty power. At the tournament, the main character meets a solid and dangerous opponent – Hao. The ambitious participant wants to destroy people and gain control over the world. His power frightens other rivals, who decide to refuse to meet with Hao voluntarily. Only Yo’s team dares to fight back a strong opponent. Yo and Hao pass to the competition’s final, but suddenly the Shaman King awakens in the latter.

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The eternal confrontation between good and evil is a topic that has been tested by time. She still makes viewers worry about the fate of key characters. That is why fans would like to know when Shaman King season 2 will be released, but the authors keep the intrigue.

Shaman King Season 2: Is There A Release Date?

The first thirteen episodes of the anime were previously released on Netflix in August 2021. The good news is that the 2001 hit anime manga reboot returns to Netflix with Season 2 on 9th December 2021. Moreover, fans don’t have to worry about the show’s future as the anime has already been renewed for a third season. 


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