Shaman King: New Episodes Are Coming To Netflix

It was only at the beginning of December that Netflix increased the number of episodes of the exclusive anime ” Shaman King ” to 25 episodes. Now, to the delight of many fans, the streaming service has announced that supplies are already within reach. The adventures of Yo, Amidamaru, and Co. should continue on January 13th.

How many episodes will make the leap into the provider’s program this time is not yet known. A total of 36 episodes had been broadcast in Japan by mid-December.

That’s What It’s About

In the world of “Shaman King” there exist walking souls of the deceased, forest spirits, and even ancient gods. Some chosen people, shamans, can get in touch with them and use their spiritual powers. Yo Asakura also comes from a powerful shaman family and together with his guardian spirit Amidamaru he has to fight for the fate of the world in the tournament of shamans.

Season 1 saw the tournament’s first major battle against the X-Laws. Hao Asakura, Yo’s twin brother, turns out to be a stronger adversary than initially assumed. Do Yo, Ren, Ryu, and Co. even have a chance against Hao? But the friends will certainly not put the fate of the world in Hao’s hands without a fight.

If you’ve already seen the new episodes on Netflix and are thirsty for more, then check out the other Netflix anime news. Also, Crunchyroll and Wakanim are constantly expanding their program with exciting new anime series.

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