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Expeditions; Rome

What would a game about Roman legions be without a siege mechanic? An incomplete game, a peculiar game? In my experience with Expeditions: Rome, a tremendously difficult game. The video released this Tuesday (18) shows a small portion of what sieges are in the hybrid RPG with turn-based combat.

The video of just over two minutes explains the different phases of a siege in the game. You need to choose a team that will command the frontal attack and a secondary team that will sabotage or perform specific actions to facilitate the takeover of the city. On specific occasions there may be a third team in charge of catapults or the rear.

My experience with the sieges of Expeditions: it is, to say the least, quite different. Each character you choose to take part in the siege needs to be meticulously evaluated, as there are no “rest” moments. A siege can last between one to three hours depending on the difficulty.

A great example is the second act siege in Africa, where main force cannot advance before two bridges are destroyed. A slip of mine made me choose units with few movement points (such points are determined by armor weight and class) for this task. Result? I had to redo the mission two, three, four, who knows how many times.

I also open space to comment on the excellent AI of Expeditions: Rome. Although I haven't completed the game yet (but I'm relatively close to it), it continues to amaze me. Take care of your flanks, know how to use tactical items like torches or caltrops and maybe, maybe, you will emerge victorious from combat. Anyone interested in more details about AI, I recommend reading the development diary on the official website.

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Expeditions: Rome is out January 20th on PC and it's worth remembering that a 4h demo is available. All progress can be carried over to the final version.

Expect our Expeditions: Rome review soon, but let me tell you, I'm loving what Logic Artists has achieved with this version.

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