Salvio appeared at the prosecutor’s office to deny his partner in the complaint of gender violence

Edward Salvio It was presented after 18 in the prosecutor’s office in which it is instructed the caused by minor injuries committed in the context of gender-based violence to distort the complaint made against him by his partner Magalí Aravena. “Salvio came to prove his innocence and will provide evidence,” said one of the lawyers who accompanied the Boca footballer to the judicial headquarters located in Beruti and Coronel Díaz. morning, his lawyer, Mariano Cúneo Libarona provided a description of the episode that occurred today, between 0:35 and 0:50, in Puerto Madero. This was Salvio’s escape after running over his ex-wife “The lady called him and shouted ‘you are not going to play soccer anymore , you’re going to have to go to Nigeria, I’m going to ruin you’. Later, the woman appeared beside herself, when he wanted to go with her girlfriend’s cousin. At that moment, the ex-wife confronted him while crossing an avenue. So, Salvio tried to leave and backtracked because he does not want to have contact with her, “described the lawyer in statements to La Nación +. Without going into details, the lawyer indicated that the ex-wife attacked the cousin of the friend with whom He had allegedly started a new relationship by mistaking her for the current partner, “At that time he grabbed her by the hair and made a lot of threats. She hung herself from the car, assuming an act at her own risk, Salvio escaped and left, ”he indicated. the lawyer According to the lawyer, “there is a lot of evidence that will prove his innocence. Among these elements are messages, official cameras, because the video that was made public is edited. His car was damaged by the ex-wife. There is damage to glass and speakers, tacos. There are also passers-by who were witnesses. This is a fact that will become clear; he is absolutely not guilty of anything.”

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