S.W.A.T. SEASON 5 Episode 7 when on screen?

S.W.A.T. SEASON 5 Episode 7

Previously on the show, Luca finally figured out that Sanchez came because, without cause, no one could assume him to appear. And finally, the reason was to take Hondo Off from the S.W.A.T., offering him a government job. As the story goes on and on and on, three armed men attacked the T.V. news live telecast. And one of the men among them was a father of a small child killed in a shooting recently. He wanted everyone to feel how that kid felt when he was shot. 

But the S.W.A.T. appeared soon, and two of three men escaped except the father; Hondo thought he could take the father down by a chit chat. But somehow, father also helped S.W.A.T. in some way. They found out the Arnold with the help of their father.

Episode 7 Spoiler and airing date.

The viewers have to wait a little more; the next episode (episode 7) is coming on air on the 3rd of December, 2021. And the title is ‘Keep the Faith.’ Although the synopsis should have come after a big gap between the episodes, there is no news for the outline yet. But according to our analysis, there are high chances that we could see Hondo leading his team, which is being done for the first time in the whole season yet since he left. Hondo previously took the stands in the police department for racism and other things. That stands left not a good image in the department, although the frame was right. So it is a bit hard to assume that he is going to lead the team. The episode is going to be a welcome for him in Episode 7th. 

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Time and channels

S.W.A.T. episode 7 will air on C.B.S. at 8:00 p.m E.T. It is assumed that this enormous gap between the episodes would be the last so far. Otherwise, from this episode down, we can expect the episode every Friday. 

You can watch S.W.A.T. Episode 7 on the website of C.B.S. and Paramount +. You can also stream it on the platforms like Vudu, Google plays movies, Microsoft, Youtube T.V. and offcourse Amazon Prime Video.



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