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Roger, waiting for evidence after breaking against Barça

Roger laments after an action in the game Francisco Calabuig Roger left the pitch sad and with his head down after missing a penalty but he left everything on the pitch. So much so that he ended up injured, as was seen in the images offered on television, and this Monday he will undergo an ‘echo’ to find out the extent of the ailment. It could be a quadriceps rupture just at the worst moment of the season, a few days before a new final in Granada, and with the already confirmed loss of José Campaña.

El Pistolero was one of the protagonists of the match. The first part of it was exquisite and in the second half he caused a penalty that he himself was responsible for launching. This time the coin came up tails but Little or nothing can be attributed to one of the most important footballers once again of the season in the Granota team. He was seen nervous on the bench after being substituted due to an injury and this Monday he will find out what the real extent of that quadriceps injury is. It should be remembered that the Granota team travels to Granada this weekend in one of the most important matches of the course and they already know that they will not be able to count on Campaña, who has seen the yellow card against Barcelona, nor with De Frutos, who is still injured.

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