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Rodolfo Sancho, outraged by the treatment that TVE gave to ‘Drought’: "It’s a good quality series."

Rodolfo Sancho is quite upset with the mistreatment he received ‘Drought‘, the series that he starred with Elena Rivera in La 1 during the first quarter of 2022. The actor, who has just premiered in Netflix ‘The heirs of the earth’, a continuation of ‘The cathedral of the sea’, has taken advantage of his interview on Bluper to express his discomfort. “I’m pretty upset with how they handled the timing of the seriesespecially because it was deferred for two months, being the most watched series, so the product has repercussions and is a series of very good quality”, expressed the interpreter. “RTVE’s mistreatment has to do with knowing who it wants to be: does it want to be the BBC? Do you want to be another type of channel?“, asks the actor. In addition, he does not hesitate to ask for greater confidence in the quality of the productions and that the audiences not be taken into account as it is a public television: “If you have a quality product that is giving good results on a deferred basis, forget about the audiences, especially when you are a channel that has no publicity”. Sancho also states that this mistreatment suffered by fictions “is beginning to be the general trend on Spanish Television. It is a channel that I appreciate very much and I have always liked the way it does it, but sometimes there are things that should not be. With ‘El Ministerio del Tiempo’ from the beginning it was necessary to pull the bandwagon, with uncertainty as to whether it would be renewed or not”. 1,277,000 viewers. However, as the weeks passed, the interest was diluted, causing the series to fall to 6.5% after six weeks on air. It was then that the network chose to relegate it to late night, where he said goodbye before 299,000 viewers with 4.8%.

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