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Rocket League is getting a Battle Royale mode

As of April 27, Rocket League will receive a Battle Royale mode called Knockout Bash, which will face eight players with the ultimate goal of being the last to drive a car. Knockout Bash will feature the features of a typical Battle Royale mode: permanent death (in normal Rocket League games we can be destroyed, but we respawn) and a danger zone with a shrinking battlefield.

With Knockout Bash, Rocket League will add new actions and improve existing skills to add to the demolition derby feel of Knockout Bash, which we could somewhat liken to Wreckfest. Among the new mechanics that players will be able to use, we will find the power to grab opponents and throw them into dangers.

Double jumps will now become triple jumps and launch players higher, while attacking vehicles will push players farther and a well-timed block will prevent those attacks. If a player is kicked out of the arena, they will have a few seconds to return to the safe area before being eliminated.

Knockout Bash is coming to Rocket League as a limited-time modeand will be available from April 27 to May 10.

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