Roberta Campos aims for international success after reinventing her career

Roberta Campos came back with everything after the pandemic and released the album O Amor Liberta after six years of hiatus. The author of the hit De Janeiro a Janeiro, which features Nando Reis, took advantage of her new album tour to perform in Brasília. In an interview with metropolises, the singer said that she reinvented herself in the pandemic, won partnerships and revealed the intention of following an international careerNow with plans to spread her music to Latin America, the United States and Europe, the artist had her first international experience in 2019, at Africa.” I went to do a presentation in Cape Verde at a JAZZ festival called Kriol Jazz. Following this show, I performed in Portugal, Porto, Lisbon and Coimbra”.Roberta-Campos-Cantora-Carreira-InternacionalRoberta Campos came back with everything after the pandemic and released the album O Amor Liberta after six years of hiatus.Reprodução/InstagramColor photo by Roberta Campos1Color photo by Roberta CamposRoberta-Campos-Cantora-Carreira-InternacionalWith singing and songwriting skills, Roberta started playing the guitar at just 5 years oldReproduction/InstagramColor photo by Roberta CamposRoberta-Campos-Cantora-Carreira-InternacionalThe singer revealed that her musicality came from her ancestors. “My Grandma Rosaria used to tell me that all her brothers liked music and that they played a musical instrumentReproduction / InstagramPublicity by partner Metrópoles 2Color photo by Roberta CamposRoberta-Campos-Cantora-Carreira-InternacionalDespite developing her skills very early, it was only at 21, in 1998, that the singer quit her job as a construction material salesperson to start a band.Reproduction/InstagramCover Roberta CamposCover of the new work by Roberta CamposAdvertising by partner Metrópoles 3Roberta CamposRoberta CamposWith the album, Roberta Campos intends to compete again for the Latin Grammy and “finally win the statuette”. The singer’s first time at the award was in 2016, when she was surpassed by Elza Soares. “The album’s atmosphere is very much a reflection of my moment! It brings a message of self-love, resilience, courage and love. Disclosure/Lucas Seixas0PandemiaWith the rise of the new coronavirus and the lockdown in many cities, the shows were cancelled. Roberta Campos was also affected by this effect and did not go on stage for a while. However, the singer did not stand still and used this period to grow. “I reinvented myself. I learned to speak in Spanish, to compose in the language, today I have more than 20 songs ready in the language”. in partnership, to record songs together. I recorded an EP and a CD and countless singles and I have several projects to continue what I started in that period”. full of and energy to find my audience and share everything I have saved here to give! I’m full of news around here and, good thing, with a full schedule to kill all the homesickness I felt in this period when we forcibly had to stay away from face-to-face events ”, she added. Show in Brasília and the futureIn August, Roberta Campos came to Brasília to sing at Clube do Choro. “I love performing in Brasilia! The public always welcomes me very well and people interact a lot with my show. They sing the songs, they are very warm and that makes all the difference”, she explained. And it was with a visit to Brasília, in mid-2013, that the singer created a song. “It was so intense and amazing, I made a song. It’s called Porta Retrato and it’s on my album Todo Caminho É Sorte ”, she said. For 2022, Roberta Campos reveals that the request is to continue with the shows and has put forward a new project. “I have a very busy schedule, I’m going to go to places I haven’t been before. I’m sure that by the end of the year, I’ll have more news about the shows! I just recorded a single that I’ll release later this year, and I can say that it’s very beautiful”, he concluded. “After that event, all I wanted to do was play guitar and sing. When I was 11 years old, I started to learn the instrument and I only expanded my desires and paths that would lead me to live from music and for music. At the age of 13 I started composing”, she explained. The artist revealed that musicality came from her ancestors. “My Grandma Rosaria used to tell me that all her brothers liked music and that they played a musical instrument. My great-grandfather was from the congada, a movement coming from Congo and Angola. They are extremely musical, they play guitar, viola, tambourine, reco-reco, snare drum, accordion”, she said. construction to assemble a band. “I started playing in bars, concert halls, college parties, private parties. But, at the same time, I still had to do other odd jobs: I taught guitar, typed schoolwork, worked as an electronic voting machine technician, in short, I did all the work that came along so that I could supplement my livelihood and dedicate myself to music”, he explained. In 2004, Roberta moved to São Paulo and three years later had already accumulated around 200 compositions. However, with so much music to show, but without resources, the artist recorded an album at her home and had the help of a singer named Duda Monteiro. “She had just recorded two of my songs. With the print run of her album, I was able to receive money that allowed me to buy basic equipment to set up my home studio”. And that’s how his first independent album, For Those Questions Tortas, came about, in 2008. This first album resulted in work on a record company and, thus, a series of albums, including Amor Liberta, the most recent, and his first DVD Todo Caminho É Sorte – Live. Alongside Nando Reis, from January to January, the singer was a hit. “It was very important for me, at that moment, to have Nando’s voice in my work. I was coming to the attention of the general public, it was my first studio album. He didn’t know me and he was very generous in accepting my invitation”, she recalled. In addition, Roberta also has a song in Spanish, Garibaldi, which features Diego Ojeda. However, for this, the singer took Spanish classes. “When I felt safe to talk to people, I started getting in touch with them. I presented my work and invited us to compose together! Today I have partners from Guatemala, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, and in one of these I met Diego, who is Spanish and lives in Mexico”, she said. see your music playing in soap operas. And the singer reveals: she always imagined this scene. “I could feel the emotion that would invade my chest. I believe that every composer wants to live that moment. It is wonderful! In addition to the exposure you give to your work, you have a feeling of accomplishment, of success”, she explained.

“This exposure makes everything progress more: the music plays a lot on the radio, you give more interviews, do more shows and have a significant growth on digital platforms. In addition, it wins the public’s affection, since the soap opera is still one of the most popular and beloved cultural items in Brazil”, said Roberta.

New albumReleased in July 2021, O Amor Liberta has had a very positive response. “Now in 2022, I also released as a single from the album, my composition with Humberto Gessinger, who also sings with me, Begins Tudo Outra Vez, which has been in the top 3 of the most played songs on radio since March 18th. In addition to always receiving very warm messages about the album on social media, people have sung all the songs at my show”, he celebrated. The singer’s first time at the award was in 2016, when she was surpassed by Elza Soares. “The atmosphere of the record is very much a reflection of my moment! It brings a message of self-love, resilience, courage and love. I grew up a lot in that time. As a person, as a singer and as a songwriter! Everything is reflected in the music and it is magical to feel and experience this growth in everything we do. About the album O Amor Liberta, Roberta Campos defined the experience as “magnificent”. “I always say that the record is born at the right time. Things happen naturally! During this period I wrote a lot and as I said, I had a huge growth in my life that reflected in everything. I love creating, and going into the studio to bring these songs to life is amazing.

“You draw the songs and start coloring! Along with this process, you start imagining the show, people singing along, what sensation you imagine it will cause in them. This exchange is beautiful,” she reported.

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