Riverdale To End With Season 7! Lili Reinhart Reveals Exclusive Details

Riverdale To End With Season 7

“Riverdale” actress Lili Reinhart revealed that season 7 will probably be the last, should there even be one.

Reinhart Sees The End Coming

“Riverdale” Season 6 is currently making the fans go nuts. Equal to two series-death, the actress who plays Betty in the show has now announced the show’s end. In general, it’s pretty crazy what’s going on in Riverdale (or currently “Rivervale”). During an Instagram Live with around 28,000 viewers, “Riverdale” star Lili Reinhart spoke about the future of the series. In doing so, she revealed that she and the rest of the cast are hoping for a seventh season and that, should it happen, “it will probably be the last.” So do we have to say goodbye to Betty, Archie, and Co. slowly? At least the numbers speak for it.

“Riverdale” Has Been Criticized For A Long Time

Hey, we love Riverdale, and every single WTF moment the show has brought us so far. However, quite a few of them in the last few seasons. While season 1 was praised with an audience rating of 79%, season 5 only likes 43% of the audience. This, of course, also affects the continuation of a series. It remains to be seen whether the blatant crossover with “Sabrina” in season 6 can still positively influence the fans’ opinion. Because a real ending for the characters we have grown so fond of over the years and their fans would only be fair.

Riverdale: Major Deaths In Rivervale

The sixth season of Riverdale is currently airing on The CW and Netflix. So far, three episodes of the new season centering around the town, ‘Rivervale,’ has premiered. We have seen some of our fan-favorite characters die in the first three episodes. These include Archie Andrews, who Cheryl Blossom sacrificed in the first episode for the welfare of her maple trees. The next episode marked the death of Toni Topaz, our beloved serpent queen who sacrificed herself to save her son from La Llorona. In the latest episode, we saw the devil taking away Reggie’s soul with him after a negotiation with Veronica. 

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As per our prediction, it’s time for Sabrina to enter the storyline in the fourth coming episode, along with some more deaths. 


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