Riverdale Season 6 Episode 3

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 3: When Will It Release? Who Will Die?

November 23, 2021, was the release date for the second episode of Riverdale Season 6. “Chapter Ninety-Seven: Ghost Stories” was the episode’s title. During a battle three months prior, Toni accidentally murdered Darla’s son Danny. On the other side, we observed Tabitha getting ready to go for work and requesting Jughead to hang the wall. After all, she had taken still haunted by the guilt.

Reggie, on the other hand, was having a difficult time since his father was ill. But shortly, a client the automobile that looked precisely like Reggie’s old car, ‘Bella,’ gave him a cause to grin. Instead of a sale, he purchased it. When she subsequently investigated, she discovered that the residence belonged to a young couple in which a girl went insane before hanging herself.

The third episode of Riverdale’s sixth season

Cheryl’s niece, Juniper, is attacked by a ghost while she showers. Unfortunately for her, Cheryl comes too late and must rescue her, only to discover bruises on the girl’s arm. That is why she informs Betty that Alice can look after her till she gets back. The mother of one of Sandra’s classmates, Lucinda Villa, is suspected of murdering her. On the other hand, Toni is adamant that Lucinda will never harm her kid, so Toni confronts her about this. As she prays for the children, Lucinda recounts a ghost of her daughter.

Rivervale Is Haunted by Spirits and Ghosts

Tabitha is plagued by dreams in which she smashes Jughead over the head with a hammer. After she was much more enraged and frustrated with Jughead than before, this appeared to affect her at work as well, as she seemed to be disoriented. However, when Toni informs Betty about the ghost, Betty does not believe her and would not even consider naming the spirit as a suspect in the murder. As a result, she had a conversation with her grandfather about ghosts. After the uprisings of the 1980s, he assured her, the meal was no longer haunted.

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While Reggie and Veronica looked to be arguing about Reggie’s automobile fixation, later, Veronica spotted a picture of Reggie in his car and figured he was cheating on her with someone else. The turned out to be a former teacher who had been fired for having affairs with numerous students.

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