Riverdale Season 6 Episode 3: What Happened At Pops? The Devil, Tabitha & Pop

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 3

Yesterday, the American network The CW welcomed the third episode of the sixth season of the teen drama with Cole Sprouse and KJ Apa. For those who did not completely understand the relationship between the devil and Tabitha, this is what happened during the third episode of the Rivervale event, entitled Chapter Ninety-Eight: Mr. Cypher.

The Devil and Tabitha: What Happened In Pops?

At the center of the plot, we find a stranger who arrived in the city with a specific purpose: to collect souls. We are talking about the devil, who usually presents himself with different appearances. In Rivervale, he calls himself Lou, Lou Cypher (get it, right?). The character in question is first noticed by Pop, who, after seeing his real face, has a heart attack.

Lou then shows up at the hospital, where he explains to Tabitha that he is ready to take the man’s soul. In the past, Pop’s father had sold him to ensure the success of the family business. But when Pop learned of this deal, he offered his own to the devil to save his father. Today, Lou is willing to let go of his soul in exchange for the diner.

When Pop wakes up and is briefed by his niece, he forbids Tabitha from accepting the deal, as their place is the soul of Rivervale. While Pop is hospitalized, a man shows up at the diner, which compliments Tabitha on her family’s work. His name is Raphael. We understand that it is an angel.

The latter offers Tabitha a bottle that can help her. The girl then pretends to have accepted Lou’s proposal. He attracts him to the club, and after signing up, he offers him a milkshake, in which he poured the contents of that bottle: the tears that Maria shed during the crucifixion. She and Pop also drank them and are now protected from harm. The agreement, therefore, falls apart.

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