Riverdale Season 6: Another Death Is Coming!

Riverdale Season 6

“Riverdale” maker Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa shocks with a new horror character who could cause deadly encounters in season 6.

Toni Topaz In Danger: “Riverdale” Maker Introduces New Horror Character.

“Riverdale” season 6 has gotten pretty spooky. In the first episode (be careful, spoilers), the series favorite Archie Andrews died, and death’s drama should continue.

The producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has revealed that even more characters die in “Rivervale” (the city is currently called). For the new episode, he shocked fans with a horror figure: La Llorona is a ghost who is up to mischief in “Riverdale”, and especially Toni Topaz could be dangerous.

“Riverdale”: You Should Know That About The New Horror Character “La Llorona.”

Vanessa Morgan not only has a baby in real life, but Toni Topaz is also in the series together with Fang’s mother of little Anthony. In the new episode of “Riverdale”, she now meets a ghost: “Hold on tight. A new, ghostly episode of Riverdale aka Rivervale awaits you. It’s mother against mother, because Toni Topaz meets La Llorona,” writes Roberto Aguirre- Sacasa on Instagram.

With that, the “Riverdale” maker also reveals which horror figure awaits us in the series. “La Llorona” is a spirit from Latin American mythologies. Near the water, she mourns for her children, whom she drowned. Now she is haunted by “Riverdale”. You could already see the creepy figure in the first trailer for “Riverdale” Season 6, but now it seems official. Let’s see if real ghosts haunt “Riverdale”.

KJ Apa: That’s What He Thinks About His Role In “Riverdale.”

We love Archie Andrews on Riverdale. Fans love Archie Andrews from “Riverdale”. Just KJ Apa; he doesn’t love Archie Andrews. On the contrary, in an interview, he compared his “Riverdale” role with prison, and our little fan heart is bleeding. We mean: First “Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe is ashamed of his role and now this. 

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“Sometimes I have the feeling that people really have no idea that we are real people. They can’t tell us apart from our characters,” said the Riverdale star. 


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