River – Vélez, live on the Professional League: minute by minute of the match for the eighth date

River defeats Velez by 2 to 1 at the end of the first stage. Those of Gallardo started with everything, but then Vélez was able to match the process. The pearl of the first 45 minutes of The great play and the great goal of Nicolás de la Cruz led her with which Gallardo’s team took the lead on the scoreboard. Nice match starring the Fortín and the Millionaire that had many arrivals and two teams that risked a lot. De la Cruz shoots from the right to convert the 2-1 partial for RiverMauro Alfieri – LA NACIÓNAn error in River’s defensive exit between Armani and Casco ended at the feet of Luca Orellano. The 10 of the Fortín stayed with the ball inside the area, he settled down, but Armani took the powerful shot to the corner. Vélez had the tie due to the bad combination, but the visiting team’s goalkeeper enlarged his figure. A few touches later, the Millionaire arrived. The play was finished by Nicolás De la Cruz with a powerful shot from his left leg that went over the crossbar. After the goal, Gallardo’s men once again took center stage in the game.Nicholas of the Cross It was the one that ended with the goal, a perfect play by River. A center from Palavecino to the crescent looked for Santiago Simón who, with a header and as number 9, lowered the ball to the Uruguayan who finished first against a post. A great collective play by the Millionaire who wins in a great game. Luca Orellano made a great play on the right winning the back to Elías Gómez. The Fortín footballer sent a cross to the near post to Pratto who anticipated the entire defense and defined above the crossbar. Walter Bou, the footballer who received the foul, took charge of the maximum penalty and defined Armani’s left stick very well, who threw himself to the other side, to establish the tie. Bou entered the area to be hand in hand with Armani. Vélez’s attacker threw her to the side and River’s goalkeeper inadvertently knocked down the former Boca. Patricio Loustau did not hesitate and awarded the maximum penalty. River had a great start, but Vélez matched the process and is now looking for a tie. The two teams have the same ambition: to look for the rival goal. The Millionaire was better. Caco shot deep for Simón who won by the rope, raised his head and put a center into the small area for the entrance of Beltrán who scored the 1 to 0. A great play by Gallardo’s team that started the duel better than their rival. Lucas Beltrán put pressure on Perrone in three quarters of the field and was able to steal the ball. The attacker led a good counter towards the goal, He played with Barco who defined very loosely with a shot off the far post. Gallardo’s men put pressure on the local’s defensive outlets, which are from below. They already play at the José Amalfinati Stadium. Both teams will seek to improve performance in the Professional League that has them among the lower positions. Vélez and River are already on the field of play at José Amalfitani to play the duel that closes the eighth date of the Professional Soccer League. The locals wear all white, while Gallardo’s men will play with an alternative jersey. Vélez fans continue to be happy for having advanced to the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores. And since the rival in that instance was River, the charges of the Fortineros fans to Gallardo’s team appeared related to the arrival of Luis Suárez that could not happen due to the elimination of Núñez’s team in the round of 16. Both Medina and Gallardo made known to the footballers who will be among the headlines in this Sunday’s game. The locals repeat that team who tied at the Monumental and took the pass to the quarterfinals of the Libertadores: Lucas Hoyos; Leonardo Jara, Matías De Los Santos, Diego Gómez and Francisco Ortega; Lucas Janson, Máximo Perrone, Nicolás Garayalde and Luca Orellano; Lucas Pratto and Walter Bou. El Millonario, arranged the following 11, with the novelty that Javier Pinola will be among the headlines. the output of Hector Martinez of the team has to do with the loss of a family member in the last hours, that is why he will be replaced by the experienced defender: Franco Armani; Milton Casco, Jonatan Maidana, Javier Pinola and Elías Gómez; Bruno Zuculini; Santiago Simón, Nicolás De la Cruz and Agustín Palavecino; Esequiel Barco and Lucas Beltrán. On Saturday, August 14 of last year, the Millionaire and the Fortín also faced each other, but in the Monumental stadium. In the duel corresponding to date 6 of the 2021 Professional League, River won 2-0. The goals that evening were scored by Enzo Fernández at 5 minutes in the second half, from a penalty kick, and the one who put the definitive figures was Braian Romero, at 90 minutes. TNT Sports Broadcast, but it can also be seen online through cable operator and satellite TV platforms, such as Flow or DirecTVGo. In all cases, it is necessary to be a client, but also to have the Soccer Pack. Plus, live coverage on THE NATION will include the narration and the images of the main actions of the game, minute by minute. We begin the coverage of one of the duels of the eighth date of the Professional League. The Millionaire visits the Fort, in Liniers. Both Marcelo Gallardo’s team and Alexander Medina’s they will seek victory so as not to move away from the first batch. Patricio Loustau will be the referee for this match.Vélez and River meet again after facing each other in the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores that was left in the hands of the Liniers teamVélez and River face each other again after facing each other in the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores, which was left in the hands of the team from LiniersFOTOBAIRES/Nicolas Aboaf

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