River – Sarmiento, live, by the Professional League

The second 45 minutes They started the same way at the start of the game. River turns to the attack, Sarmiento awaits him with many men. The lack of ideas continues to be clear in Gallardo’s team.Sarmiento defeats River 2-0. Gallardo’s team dominated possession of the ball, but they never knew how to attack Sarmiento’s defense that closed all the paths to their rival. The Millionaire will have to change a lot for the second part in order to reverse the result. The local coach opted for two variants: Nicolás De la Cruz for Aliendro and José Paradela for Gómez.River falls before Sarmiento Mauro Alfieri – LA NACIÓNSarmiento beats River 2-0 for its effectiveness and for its very intelligent approach. He came twice and finished for Mainero and Andueza. In the Millionaire it is all frustration. He has the ball, he attacks, but without hurting his rival. Good victory for Verde at the end of the first 45 minutes.Federico Andueza, you he beat everyone from above and, with a header and a spike to the ground, beat Armani’s hands to put the 2 to 0. With a very intelligent approach from the defense and from the arrivals with more clarity than the local, the visitor defeats River. Sarmiento converted and continues to cling to his idea of ​​the game. Gallardo’s team gets frustrated with each advance because the rival gathers all his people to defend himself. In a defensive side, it all started. Guido Mainero He cut to the side, enabled and was hand in hand with Armani. There he defined before the departure of the Millionaire goalkeeper and put the 1 to 0 for Sarmiento who wins at the Monumental. Borgia led River’s offense down the left, but his shot was slow and wide. He was the first arrival of the Millionaire who feels uncomfortable before Sarmiento’s proposal, who has already had some approaches to the Armani area. Martinez had another shot, from a distance, but Meza sent it to the corner. lack of ideas to face Sarmiento’s defense is notorious in River’s attack. The visitor proposes a line of four defenders added to five midfielders and Gallardo’s men collide with the defensive bolt without being able to attack with surprise. Attacking with many players, River is the one who protagonism at the beginning. Despite not having stepped on his rival’s area with any danger, he is the one who has possession against an opponent who awaits him with all his players in the defensive zone. After the delay due to the presence of smoke from the flares on the field of game, referee Hernan Mastrangelo He gave the order and the first part of the match between the Millionaire and the Verde is already underway. River and Sarmiento are already on the Monumental playing field to play the duel that closes the day on Sunday. There will be a draw between the captains, Enzo Perez, on the side of the premises and Lisandro Lopez, on the visit. With colored flares, the local public gave a warm welcome to their players.The great reception of the River fans to their playersThe great reception of the River fans to their players captures TVBoth Gallardo and Damonte made known to the footballers who will be among the headlines in this Sunday’s game. The Millionaire arranged the following 11: Franco Armani; Milton Casco, Emanuel Mammana, David Martínez and Elías Gómez; Enzo Perez; Santiago Simón, Rodrigo Aliendro and Agustín Palavecino; Lucas Beltran and Miguel Borja. Paul Solari, out of the bank due to a flu syndrome. The green, meanwhile, will come out with these headlines: Sebastián Meza; Gonzalo Bettini, Gastón Sauro, Federico Andueza and Federico Rasmussen; Emiliano Mendez; Guido Mainero, Lucas Castro, Fernando Martínez and Yair Arismendi; Lisandro Lopez. On Saturday April 30 of this, River and Sarmiento faced each other, but in Junín. In the duel corresponding to date 13 of the 2022 League Cup, Gallardo’s team won 7-0. Who showed off that night was Julián Álvarez, author of three goals. The rest of the win was completed by Pochettino, Enzo Fernández, Esequiel Barco and Santiago Simón. The match will have espn premium streaming, but it can also be seen online through cable operator and satellite TV platforms, such as Flow or DirecTVGo. In all cases, it is necessary to be a client, but also to have the Soccer Pack. Plus, live coverage on THE NATION It will include the narration and images of the main actions of the match, minute by minute. We begin the coverage of one of the duels on date 11 of the Professional League. The Millionaire receives the Juninense team, in the Monument. The team of Marcelo Gallardo he will look for another championship win that will continue to move him closer to the leaders. For its part, the visitor will continue with the premise of moving away from the relegation zone. The meeting will feature Arbitration of Hernán Mastrangelo.

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