River – Lanús, live: the match of the Professional League minute by minute

Taco and a half turn. The play has everything and it is River’s second goal. Barco enables Gómez, who throws the center. Then, Paradela, with heels, finds Romero, who controls and defines from the right. River wins 2-0 and wins very well. A counterattack by Racing ends with an exquisite definition by José Paradela. Barco-Fernández-Paradela and definition of a lefty thrown to the right. The former Gimnasia player accommodates the ball at Monetti’s far post and converts River’s first goal of the match. Gallardo makes decisions: the former Independiente player replaces the Uruguayan. “What’s wrong with you?” the Doll asked De la Cruz. Since he didn’t like the answer, he resolved the modification. Darío Herrera shows the yellow card to the footballer from Lanús after a kick to José Paradela. The former Gymnastics player himself takes charge of the free kick derived from the foul. And River’s progress is diluted by an offense in attack. River’s Uruguayan has gestures of pain and the Gallardo Doll already sends Agustín Palavecino to warm up. De la Cruz steps on his toes and it is clear that he is not 100%. Darío Herrera gives the order, moves Lanús and the game is underway in Núñez. Both River and Lanús are on the field of play. The fans applaud Marcelo Gallardo shouting “Muñeco, Muñeco”. After the required photos, everything is ready for both teams to play at the Monumental for the fifth date of the 2022 Professional League tournament. Jorge Almirón, coach of Lanús, also has everything resolved to play from 8:30 p.m. with River at the Monument Stadium. These will be the eleven footballers who will start the match valid for the fifth date of the 2022 Professional League tournament: Fernando Monetti; Leonel Di Plácido, Matias Pérez, Diego Braghieri and Nicolás Pasquini; Braian Aguirre, Tomás Belmonte, Raúl Loaiza and Lautaro Acosta; Lucas Varaldo and José Sand. In the absence of official confirmation through the club’s social networks, Marcelo Gallardo will have the following team to play with Lanús: Franco Armani; Emanuel Mammana, Paulo Díaz, David Martínez and Elías Gómez; Nicolás De la Cruz, Enzo Pérez, Enzo Fernández and José Paradela; Julián Álvarez and Braian Romero.River reached an economic agreement with Colón and will be able to count on Rodrigo Aliendro for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores. The player will be registered provisionally in the continental tournament and his final registration will be on Monday. In the negotiation with the sabaleros, 50% of the winger Álex Vigo was included. Marcelo Gallardo will also be able to use Lucas Beltrán, who was on loan from the Santa Fe team, terminated his contract and returned to Núñez. My name is Alejandro Casar González and I will accompany you with everything that happens at the Monumental stadium with the match between River and Lanús, for the 2022 Professional League tournament. It will be a match full of spices: Julián Álvarez will play his last match for the local tournament in Núñez. In addition, the bass drums and drummers will return to the stands of the stadium. Both teams come from winning: the Millionaire thrashed Unión in Santa Fe, while those from the south of Buenos Aires beat Colón de Santa Fe in their stadium.

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